I’m a lawyer and a blogger that enjoys providing solutions for bloggers, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

The only mistake you can make is not asking for help, so let me be a resource for you.

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Whether your podcast is taking off or just getting started, this legal bundle will help you prepare for success! Don’t leave your podcast hanging without these three agreements: Podcast Sponsor Agreement, Podcast Guest Agreement, and the LLC Operating Agreement.

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5 Black Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging

Let's admit it, the blogging world industry is White. So, it may be hard for aspiring black bloggers or existing black bloggers to find a community and mentorship. These things are important because...

5 Truths About Law School ….

Last year, I made a YouTube video "5 Myths About Law School." So, I wanted to write a blog post about "5 Truths About Law School." I'll put the link to my YouTube video below so that you can check...

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Hey, I’m Crystallace! A lawyer and a blogger that wants to help other bloggers and entrepreneurs by providing DIY Legal Solutions™.

I have spent the time doing all the boring legal research and translating the legalese so that you guys can turn your blogs into businesses by doing it yourself.

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