10 Proven Ways on How to Have Unlimited Blog Content Ideas

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10 Proven Ways on How to Have Unlimited Blog Content Ideas

Last Updated February 2022 by Crystallace

As a new blogger, it’s easy to get excited about your first 2 to 3 months of blogging. Then, the excitement goes away when you realize that you’re running out of blog content ideas.  

At times, panic and guilt start to creep in, especially when you realize that you have an audience waiting. 

Don’t worry, I’ve come to save the day. 

Here are my 8 proven ways to help you find unlimited blog content ideas for your blog

1. Ask your audience

This tip works best if you have a strong social media following or an email list. For example, you can conduct a survey and ask what topics would they like you to cover next. You may get a lot of random blog content ideas. To narrow it down, try to do it in multiple-choice format. 

This is also a great strategy if you want to increase engagement and reach on your social media platforms.  

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10 Proven Ways on How to Have Unlimited Blog Content Ideas

2. Extract the searches and queries that generated visits to your site

Monitor your site performance in terms of traffic using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an excellent tool for you to identify which blog posts have generated a lot of traffic to your site. Therefore, telling you to want kind of blog content ideas to cover next. 

For example, if you are a food blogger, and one of your most successful blog posts is about sushi, that’s your cue. Go ahead and write more topics related to it. 

10 Proven Ways on How to Have Unlimited Blog Content Ideas

3. Analyze Google suggestions

You have probably noticed that when you start typing a search in on Google, it gradually suggests the most frequent searches related to your writing. You can do it several times with different keywords to increase the number of results, but what is interesting with this tool is that it will automatically add a letter after your search to have all the possibilities of suggestions of Google.

4. Participate in forums 

Discussion sites like Quora and Reddit are excellent sources of unlimited blog content ideas. You can start a conversation by posting a question, and wait for people to respond. 

Meanwhile, if your blog is about digital marketing, eCommerce, b2b, or Saas, LinkedIn is the best place to hang out. Plus, you will get a lot of insights on how to run your blog as a business.  You will be surprised at how many experts are there willing to help.

10 Proven Ways on How to Have Unlimited Blog Content Ideas

5. YouTube

YouTube is another excellent platform to look for blog content ideas. I like YouTube because of the wide range of topics that you can find. And in case you also want to start a channel this year, I recently published a blog post comparing the two and which one has more potential in 2021

In terms of keyword research, I found this browser extension that can help you grow on YouTube.

6. Google Trends

If you are curious about what the world is searching for right now, Google Trends will have the answers to that. Go to Explore, type a blog content idea, let’s say “Valentine’s Day”, and you will find related topics and queries people are searching for. 

10 Proven Ways on How to Have Unlimited Blog Content Ideas

7. Use free SEO tools 

One of my favorite free SEO tools to use to have unlimited blog content ideas is Ubersuggest.

Simply type a blog post idea, click search, and it will give you an overview of the keyword you provided. On the left side of the screen, there’s also a tab for keyword ideas and content ideas for you to explore. 

8. Spy on the competition

Don’t be afraid to borrow (not steal) their content, make it better, and then share it with your audience.

For instance, if your competitor is ranking on her blog post about the best planners for 2021, write a blog post with the same topic, this time, with a better set of planners that your audience can choose from.

10 Proven Ways on How to Have Unlimited Blog Content Ideas

9. Take note of holidays 

As much as possible, we want to write evergreen content that’s timely and relevant throughout the year. But there are instances where holidays will give you tons of ideas to write about. 

For example, your family loves to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Therefore, you can write about 

  • How to celebrate St. Patrick’s day the authentic way
  • That year when you attended a St. Patrick’s day parade
  • Eating all things green 
  • Costume party 
  • A nice picnic 

There you go, that’s 5 blog post ideas around St. Patrick’s day already.  

How about bloggers who blog about college life? You can try a series of blog posts that talk about how you prepare for major exams. Then, cover the things you do differently when you study one subject, compared to another. Like:

  • How to remember dates fast for your history test
  • How I solve math problems in less than a minute 
  • Apps that help me stay organized as a student 
10 Proven Ways on How to Have Unlimited Blog Content Ideas

10. Pause and reflect 

After a week of tirelessly brainstorming blog content ideas, creating an outline, and writing for hours, (even days) just to come up with the perfect blog post, it’s normal to feel exhausted. This feeling can sometimes be the reason why we’ve run out of ideas for our blog. 

As much as our body needs a good amount of food, exercise, and rest, our minds need to be pampered as well. Feed your mind will healthy foods such as broccoli, nuts, dark chocolate, even coffee. 

Eliminate distractions by using the Pomodoro technique

Lastly, reward yourself for a job well done. A nice meal, a long bath, or a good book. 

10 Proven Ways on How to Have Unlimited Blog Content Ideas


I must admit, that there are instances where blog content ideas are hard to find. Sometimes, it gets worse when you’re experiencing writer’s block, too. 

At the end of the day, what matters is your vision for your blog, and your genuine interest to help your audience. 

What’s your biggest struggle in terms of getting blog content ideas?

What’s your favorite tool use? 

Let us know in the comments. 

from the lawyer next door,
Crystallace Fenn

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  1. These are great ideas! I think using Quora to find what people are asking is always helpful for coming up with new ideas. As a blogger who has been blogging for more than three years, I definitely agree that there are times I’ve run out of content ideas!
    – Pixie | Productive Pixie

    • Omg. I thought it was just me who was hitting content walls. I am so glad this helps. Feel free to share!


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