11 Instagram Apps That are Perfect for Lifestyle Bloggers

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11 Instagram Apps That are Perfect for Lifestyle Bloggers

Last Update June 2021 by Crystallace

One of the most important social media platforms to lifestyle bloggers is Instagram. Lifestyle bloggers use Instagram to showcase their lifestyle to their audience and advertise their following to their brands. For a picture perfect Instagram, you have to stay updated with the latest apps and tools.

This is why I’ve put together a list of apps and tools for Instagram that I think every lifestyle blogger must have. 

Instagram Apps That are Perfect for Lifestyle Bloggers

Best graphics and design apps and tools for Instagram that are perfect for lifestyle bloggers

11 Instagram Apps That are Perfect for Lifestyle Bloggers
  1. VSCO (IOS, Android) – If you’re not really that confident in taking viral-ish photos for Instagram, here’s a trick. Use an app to significantly increase the quality of your images. VSCO is my number one choice for that. 

You can buy presets for VSCO on Etsy. Just search for the mood your going for and tons of presets will show up.

Price: Free for basic presets, and standard editing tools like contrast, saturation, and grain; 7- day free trial on the monthly or annual subscription which includes VSCO presets, advanced video editing tools, weekly photo challenges, and bonus educational content 

  1. Snapseed (IOS, Android) – Another famous editing app for Instagram is Snapseed. Plus, it’s totally lightweight at only 22 MB. Snapseed can enhance color and exposure, modify individual edits, and allows you to use selective editing tools like brush, masking, and vignette. 

Price: Totally free. 

11 Instagram Apps That are Perfect for Lifestyle Bloggers
  1. Canva (IOS, Android, Web) – Canva by far is the most user-friendly graphic design app I have ever used. I love Canva because I can use it to make graphics for personal branding. I can create puzzle grids, story highlight covers, logo, and other digital assets I need not just for Instagram but on other social media platforms, too.  

Price: Free for the basic plan with pay-per-use premium graphics; free 30-day trial and about $120/year for Canva Pro with 100GB cloud storage, schedule content on up to 7 social media platforms, millions of premium stock photos, unlimited background remover, and others. 

Life Hack: Get the Canva Pro. It is so worth it.

  1. Photoshop express (IOS, Android, Windows)

Yup, you can now use Photoshop on your phone. The app has a decent amount of editing tools like adding text to photos, convert files to JPG or PNG, resize images, rotate and flip, adjust light and color, and cropping. 

Price: Free.

11 Instagram Apps That are Perfect for Lifestyle Bloggers

Best video apps and tools for Instagram that are perfect for lifestyle bloggers 

  1. A Color Story (IOS and Android) – Aside from editing images using 500+ filters and 120+ effects, A Color Story can edit videos as well. A Color Story allows you to save edits as filters that you can use in future videos, enhances video color, and allows grid planning. 

Price:  Free basic plan; Prices vary in different countries for the monthly membership, about $7.99/month.

  1. Animoto (IOS, Android) – If you have several photos that you want to turn into a slideshow, Animoto is your BFF. The app has over 100 slideshow styles, throw in some text, add background music, and your video is ready to go. 

Price: Basic plan is free; Professional is $15/month; Team is $39/month

11 Instagram Apps That are Perfect for Lifestyle Bloggers
  1. Foodie (IOS, Android) – If you love sharing food photos, like what-I-eat-in-a-day, or sponsored posts, Foodie is the perfect app for you. It has over 30 professional-grade filters, a timer, and a mute option

Price: Free

Best content scheduling apps and tools for Instagram 

  1. Later – Before content scheduling apps were a thing, Later has been in the business since 2014. With this app, you can plan a month’s worth of content in minutes, find and share the right content, and measure your growth. Aside from Instagram, you can also use Later for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok scheduling. 

Price: Free basic plan, Starter ($12.50/month), Growth ($20.83), and Advanced ($33/month)

11 Instagram Apps That are Perfect for Lifestyle Bloggers
  1. Hootsuite – What’s unique about this tool for Instagram is the ad spend limit you can use per month to boost posts. Other than that, the tool features key-performance metrics, analytics, and automated post scheduling. 

Price: Free 30-day trial on Professional ($19/month), Team ($99/month), and Business ($599/month)

  1. Planoly – Planoly is by far, my favorite content scheduling app for Instagram. Sometimes, we put so much effort into each of our photos. But when you put them all together, it kind of looks a little off. This is why I love Planoly. Planoly will show you exactly how your feed would look as soon as all your scheduled posts are published. This way you can drag and drop the images that you’d want to go first, etc. Plus, Planoly is also an official Instagram and Pinterest partner, which means this app will never jeopardize your social media accounts. 

Price: Basic plan (free), Solo ($7/month), Duo ($15/month), Custom (starting at $23/month) 

11 Instagram Apps That are Perfect for Lifestyle Bloggers
  1. Buffer = Buffer likes to keep it simple, publish and measure. Some of their best features are hashtag planner, stories planner, shop grid, Instagram tagging, and custom reports. 

Price: For publishing: Basic plan (free), Pro ($15/month), Premium ($65/month), Business ($99/month); For analytics: Pro ($35/month), Premium $50.month

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What apps do you use for your Instagram feed?

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  1. Lightroom and Premiere Rush are also great. I use the former for photos and latter makes it so easy edit videos and make them ready for different platforms (i.e., shoot for YT and change the aspect ration for IG with one button click).

    • Thanks for letting me know. I will have to add them to the list!

  2. Wonderful post! Very informative; I never even heard of “Animoto” before. I love VSCO and Canva! ☺️

  3. This is so helpful. Thank you Crystal! Canva is my go to for creating graphics. I will definitely check out Planoly for scheduling.

  4. I love Planoly too! This is a great list!! I also love Canva and Snapseed.


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