7 Amazing Black Bloggers Who Can Help You With Your Blog

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5 Amazing Black Bloggers Who Can Help You With Your Blog

Last Updated February 2022 by Crystallace

*********This list has grown from 5 to 7 since my last update. Isn’t that awesome?!**********

Let’s admit it, the blogging world is a predominately White space. So, it may be hard for aspiring Black Bloggers or existing Black Bloggers to find a community and mentorship.

Blogging is often personal and a blogger may create and market content particular to a community that can relate to them and their culture. Like hairstyles, fashion, nails, or holidays and celebrations. All of those things can be very particular to culture.

Having a successful blog is all about building a community. Blogging is a team sport. So I have compiled this resourceful list of 7 awesome Black bloggers who blog about blogging so that you can have them as part of your community to help you with your blog.

Be sure to check out their blogs and subscribe to their email list for awesome blogging tips.

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7 Black Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging

1. Miss Millenia Magazine

5 Black Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging

Miss Millennia Magazine is a blog that is geared towards Millennial women. Jasmine over at Miss Millenia Magazine is a rockstar!

She blogs about a lot of different topics like careers and finances. She is a Millennial woman herself that has been blogging for years. But in addition to that, Jasmine is the Sponsored Post Queen.

She has a ton of knowledge about growing your blog and getting sponsored post opportunities. She is currently moving from Texas to Costa Rica and I have been following her journey. How cool is that?!

Jasmine offers a service called Blogging Money Update where she emails you three times a week with sponsored post opportunities. I use this service myself and let me tell you I love it. It keeps me from spending hours looking for sponsored post opportunities every week.

Check out Miss Millenia Magazine here

5 Black Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging

2. Justine Mfulma

5 Black Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging

Justine runs a popular Dating & Relationship blog, for the Christian woman. She has done something that I see a lot of Black bloggers struggle to do and that is monetize a Christian blog.

She shares awesome advice on her blog and on Clubhouse! I know because I have chimed in and let me tell you, Justine knows her stuff.

You can check out Justine’s blog here

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3. The Rich Girl Blog

5 Black Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging

The Rich Girl Blog is exactly what it implies. This blog is all about getting rich and making money online. Ashley has been blogging for years. She even has some of the most affordable blogging courses you will find.

In fact, if you’re still trying to get the hang of affiliate marketing, here is the course that I took to help me with navigating affiliate marketing: Affiliate Marketing Course.

You can check out The Rich Girl Blog Here

5 Amazing Black Bloggers Who Can Help You With Your Blog

4. Chronicles of a Momtessorian

5 Black Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging

Anitra is a Vet in the blogging world. Over a Chronicles of a Momtessorian she blogs about home-schooling and parenting. She also shares her knowledge about blogging.

She was one of the first Black bloggers I met when I decided to serious about my blogging and she helps me run the Blogging for Bank Facebook Group. You can join for free! It’s a great community of bloggers who support each other.

5 Black Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging

5. It’s All You Boo

5 Black Bloggers Who Blog About Blogging

Nadalie Bardo is one of the first Black Bloggers I found on Pinterest where she has a massive following.

BTW, are you following me on socials? Let’s keep in touch! I’m on Pinterest, IG, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok

Nadalie is all about crushing your goals and crushing Pinterest. Her best-selling Pinterest Template Set helped me get the hang of stepping up my Pin design game and her YouTube channel has me tuned in weekly for best Pinterest tips.

You Can Check Out Nadalie’s Blog Here.

6. Blog With Mo

7 Amazing Black Bloggers Who Can Help You With Your Blog

Mo is a blogging coach who offers one on one help with blogging. In addition to the tons of great content she has on her blog. You can book a discovery call with her. Check out Blog With Mo here.

7. Comfy Girl With Curls

7 Amazing Black Bloggers Who Can Help You With Your Blog

Kaya is a Pinterest sensation. I am willing to bet that you’ve came across her content at some point. She has started to share her knowledge of the content creation world after gaining huge success with her Comfy Girl With Gurls blog. You can check her out here.

5 Amazing Black Bloggers Who Can Help You With Your Blog

Let me tell you that I have personally learned a lot from these bloggers. I can say this enough, “blogging is a team sport.” And there are some amazing players out there who can help you get ahead in the game. Leverage the bloggers mentioned in this list and let them help you level up your blogging skills.

Remember we are blogging for bank not blogging for broke, ok?

So be sure to check out these bloggers and subscribe to their email lists for amazing blogging tips straight to your inbox.

For a longer list of amazing Black bloggers across different niches check out this list over at Feedspot.

Any black bloggers you think I should add to the list? Let me know in the comments.

from the lawyer next door,
Crystallace Fenn

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