The Truth About Law School… Actually 5 Honest Truths About Law School

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The Truth About Law School... Actually 5 Truths About Law School

Last Updated June 2021 by Crystallace

Recently I made a YouTube video “5 Myths About Law School.” So, I wanted to write a blog post about the truth about law school. I’ll put the link to my YouTube video at the end of this blog post so that you can check it out. Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!

So Here is the Truth About Law School

Well Five Truths About Law School…

1. That Your Entire Grade For a Class Is Based On One Final Exam at the End of the Semester.

TRUE. There is very little homework if any in law school. Your homework is to prepare for class every night and brief your cases. Ancillary assignments are also few and far in between. Some professors may offer the opportunity to do a mock exam as a random assignment or as a midterm but they usually don’t give any credit for it. The incentive to complete the assignment is feedback on your writing and maybe one on one time with your professor to ask specific questions as it relates to how their grading and what they are looking for in a model exam answer.

It’s Almost Impossible to Get Straight A’s in Law School

TRUE. I don’t know anyone that has received multiple A’s in a semester in law school. In fact, A’s are rare and honestly, law students lie so much you never know what to believe. I had a professor once tell me that she did not believe in giving A’s because she felt that a student could never have a perfect analysis of the law. In other words, there was always room for improvement because they were students.

The Truth About Law School is That it Doesn’t Teach You How To Be a Lawyer

TRUE. Law school teaches you the foundational basics of the law and legal system. You leave law school knowing who governs what and where to find the applicable law. You also kind of get a sense on why things are they way they are in the world through learning how the Constitution is applied but, you don’t learn how to be a lawyer.

Being a practitioner, involves evaluating cases, customer service, business acumen, courtroom etiquette, local practice and procedures…. I really can go on and on but you typically don’t learn these things in law school. Some law schools have what is called a ‘clinic’ where students can learn how to take clients and work cases under supervision of the faculty. If your law school offers this, join it.

Law Professors Still Use the Socratic Method

TRUE. While some professor ask for volunteers, most professors still use the Socratic method. It’s not as scary as it seems. Every one is super nervous at the beginning of law school and some people will be embarrassed but most professors don’t seek to embarrass any students. They simply want the class to prepare and participate in the discussion.

You Have to Read Hundreds of Pages a Night

TRUE…. well sort of… I am a believer and preacher of reading every night before class in law school. Sometimes that reading does amount to hundreds of pages when you combine all of your classes depending on your schedule. However, reading cases and preparing for class the night before isn’t intensive reading. Casebooks are edited so that the cases flow and most of the fluff is taken out of the case and shifted to either a notes or an introduction section. So reading an assigned one hundred pages in a casebook could actually translate to about seventy pages.

I hope this article clears up some rumors. What other questions do you have a bout law school? Let me know below in the comments.

Now that you know the truth about law school, check out my YouTube video below

What questions do you have about law school? Let me know in the comments.

from the lawyer next door,
Crystallace Fenn

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