5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Make You More Productive

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Hey Girl!

Today I am going to talk about how I use a virtual assistant to help me with all of that and how a virtual assistant can make you more productive.

If you’re new here, welcome to my blog and please look around! This blog post is part of a series of productivity blog posts that I wrote because people always ask me how I manage to work as a full time lawyer, run a money making blog, and still have a social life.

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Hiring a virtual assistant can be a major decision for yourself or your business, but look at it this way, having a helper can make many aspects of your business and work life much more smooth and easy for yourself and your business’ success. One of those aspects is your productivity.

Here are 5 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Make You More Productive

1. Filtering Communications

When you have a large client base or audience, or even a small one, the communications you receive aren’t all useful or need replies to them right away. Between my blog and work, I get a ton of emails and phone calls every day. And when you’re looking at them yourself all at once they can become overwhelming or seem like they need immediate replies. Especially because I am super big on professionalism and customer service.

A virtual assistant that has the knowledge and ability to filter through what you receive is a life saver. This allows to allow you to deal with the most important communications only and spend less time overall on your inbox or phone. 

2. Bookkeeping

If you have a lot of bookkeeping to do and invoices to send out, it can become overwhelming to spend so much time keeping up with them and sending out reminders for unpaid bills. A virtual assistant can make you more productive if you have them in place to keep up with sending reminders and handling invoices as needed.

This means you would be able to be less stressed over payments and spend much more time on other tasks or business needs.


3. Data Collecting

Most virtual assistants are adept at understanding, collecting, and organizing your consumer data. Whether that be the analytics on your website and social media, or surveys to customers or other items, you can gain valuable insight on what works for your business and what you can do to better please or bring in clients or traffic.

This is a very important part of business growth, especially with an online presence, and it takes a lot of time that you may not have. 

4. Daily Tasks

Chances are you spend a lot of time on simple daily tasks for your business which leaves you with little time for focusing on improvement or new work. I know I do. A virtual assistant can make you more productive by doing the small but time consuming tasks that you always get stuck with. This leaves you with much more space in your day to focus on more important parts of your business or productivity.

Daily tasks are too important to let fall off, so an assistant can help you with those. 

5. Automation

 Making processes automated can make your business a lot more efficient and better handled, but it can be hard for those that don’t have the time to sit down and set up a system or have the knowledge to handle that technical side.

Many virtual assistants can work with you to set up systems for automated invoicing or email responses for specific tasks or purchases. This can take away some invoicing, writing emails, and more that take the place of time you can better use elsewhere.

A virtual assistant was a life saver when it came to automating email responses.

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This list of ways that a virtual assistant can make you more productive

Can be something useful to keep in mind when you’re considering whether to hire one or not.

Productivity can be one of the most important parts of a business’ success due to how much it can help make your current workload easier as well as make room for better opportunities and more work. Being more productive can help you become more successful, and help with other aspects too.

But as a lawyer, I cant stress this point enough. Don’t hire a virtual assistant without having a Virtual Assistant Agreement. You need to have in writing important things like the tasks you are delegating, the term and nature of the relationship, confidentiality, payment, intellectual property, and other things but those are the most important.

I had businesses and entrepreneurs in mind when I drafted the Virtual Assistant Agreement that’s available in my Legal Boutique. I made sure to include these important details so don’t forget to grab one before you make a hire.

Virtual Assistant Can Make You More Productive
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