7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

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7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

Last Updated June 2021 by Crystallace

Pinterest is a great traffic source for blogs. Over 80% of all blog traffic comes from Pinterest. So, if you’re asking yourself if you really need to be on another social media platform, the answer is “Yes!”

While every platform can have its pros and cons, as a blogger, I find Pinterest to be the best social media platform for bloggers. That is because Pinterest is a search engine.

People get on Pinterest and search for solutions or answers, just like the would Google. Pinterest then shows them Pins that may have the answer they’re looking for, this means that Pinterest matches your content to your audience regardless of whether they follow you or not.

With all of the sneaky algorithms out there (and don’t get me wrong Pinterest definitely has an algorithm), Pinterest isn’t bad place to set up shop.

7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

My Best Tips for Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

From a consumer lens, it is my favorite social media platform because in my opinion it’s the smartest. When it sees that I’m interested in something or that I like certain things, it shows me more of exactly what I want to see.

See why you would want to be promoting you blog on Pinterest? It’s the easiest way to get your blog to your ideal audience. I am not a tech guru, just a blogger who has learned the ropes.

So needless to say, I feel like every blogger should be using Pinterest so I came up with this list of:

8 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

I promise, it’s easy to follow and if you do these things on a weekly basis you will see results.

7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest. Legally Protect Your Blog

1. Make 2-3 eye-catching pins for every blog post

When it comes to making eye-catching Pins, looks matter. You want to be making eye-catching Pins that you would want to click on. If designing from scratch is too much for you, I highly recommend investing in some affordable Pin templates.

People sell them everywhere, even other bloggers sell them. My favorite place to shop for Pin templates is Etsy. You can browse through tons of different styles and aesthetics.

If you’re making Pins then you are going to need CanvaPro. Canva Pro will let you customize and tweak the templates that you bought to your blog’s colors, fonts, and branding look. You can do some of these things with the free version of Canva but Canva Pro is must have investment for every blogger is the easiest place to make Pinterest pins.

7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

2. Sign up for Tailwind

Tailwind is an automation app that pins for you 24/7. All you have to do is load it with Pins and let it rip. Well sort-of. You have to do a little more set up than that but once you get it going it schedules your Pins for you so that you are pinning multiple times throughout the day.

Automated pinning is ultimately what’s going to drive your traffic. Pinterest likes Pinners who are always Pinning. Another perk of Tailwind is that they have Communities. Tailwind Communities lets you share other people’s Pins and in return they share yours. Blogging is a team sport and you need other people sharing your content as well.

You can the Blogging for Bank Tailwind Community here.

7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

3. But Still Pin Organically

I know what we JUST talked about but don’t go putting your ENTIRE future in Tailwind’s hands. Rather, keep Pinterest on the path that you want it to be on.

While Tailwind is an approved Pinterest partner, pinning organically will constantly remind Pinterest of what you like which will give you ideas for new content and also give you content to re-pin to your boards which ultimately leads to more people being exposed to your profile. Pinterest also needs reassurance that it’s a real human behind the account.

A good rule of thumb: Follow the 80/20 rule. Pin 80% of your content and 20% of others.

7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest. Pinterest course: Pinterest with ell

4. SEO Optimize your account, boards, and Pins

This part is a bit more tricky but it is absolutely necessary for Pinterest success. If you want a comprehensive understanding on how to setup your Pinterest account for optimal results.

I heavily recommend this affordable Pinterest course that I took: Pinterest With Ell. I wrote a review on it here. This is a great Pinterest course (and blog investment) for getting you started on the right foot on Pinterest. I’m telling you, Pinterest is not Instagram. You cannot just post and go and expect results. Pinterest is an SEO application and you have to learn the game.

Pause. Are you following me yet on Pinterest?

5. Have Multiple Boards

This will attract more bees to your honey. Pinning multiple times a day to multiple boards will increase the chances of your content being seen. You want to SEO optimized boards, Pin titles, descriptions, etc.

The more you give Pinterest to work with, the the more it will go to bat for you when comes to getting you seen.

7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest Pinterest course review: Pinterest with ell

6. Pin content relevant to your niche

I think I speak for most Millennial women when I say that one of the most exciting things about Pinterest when it first came out, was planning your dream wedding from it. Anybody else have 18 dresses that were “the one.” But on a making money from blogging note, if weddings have nothing to do with your target audience or niche area, make a private board for it and the other things you personally like on Pinterest.

Pinning in your niche area will have Pinterest putting more of your content in front of your audience. If you post nothing but travel, Pinterest will think you are all things travel. So when someone comes along interested in travel, they are more likely to show them your profile.

7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

7. Make a Pinterest business profile

This will make it easy to see how your Pins are doing. The analytics and feedback from Pinterest is a must have. This is important because you need to know which topics your audience likes, which Pins they like, which photos they like. You can also see how each of your Pins are performing and if you choose to do so run ads on Pinterest.

7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest

7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest, right?

Making time for these things at least once a week can increase your traffic exponentially but I can’t stress enough how much it would be worth your while to invest in an affordable Pinterest course to help you learn the SEO navigation portion of it. Check out my review below. Also, don’t forget to regularly check your Pinterest analytics and set new goals.

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