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I want everyone to know about these templates because everyone needs to legally protect their business and these easy to use, downloadable templates will help do just that.

Did I mention it offers 50% commission?

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how to sign-up as an affiliate

1. VERY IMPORTANT: Please first subscribe to my email list in order to receive emails from me. Otherwise, you will not receive the affiliate handout with more information you need to succeed as an affiliate or any emails from me for your affiliate promotions. If you are already on my email list then ignore this part.
2. Like this blog’s page on Facebook and join the Facebook Group. I think it’s important for bloggers to have a support group to be successful and also to have discussions about life. After all this is a Lifestyle blog.
3. Read our Affiliate Terms and Conditions in its entirety. If you decide to sign up for our Affiliate Marketing program it will be assumed that you accepted and agreed to these terms.
4. Please go to this page to sign up as an affiliate. This is also the page you will use to Log into your Affiliate Dashboard where you can get your referral link, check on your commissions and more!
5. Once you get your affiliate link, please activate it by pasting it in a different browser to make sure it links to the product you selected.
6. Once you have tested and activated your link, you are all set and can begin using your affiliate link! AffiliateWP tracks all your affiliate links and any sales from your affiliate links.
7. To use your affiliate link, once you have written a blog post or created a video then make sure to share it with me, so I can promote it on my social media platforms including my Facebook group and email list! Email your blog post or video at hello@crystallacefenn.com.
Important: If you have an affiliate program of your own, make sure to grab this affiliate agreement template that I personally created and use for my own affiliate program. This template includes all the affiliate terms and conditions you must have your affiliates accept before they start promoting your products unless you want to be legally liable for your affiliates’ mistakes!

frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for our affiliate program?
Monetizing your blog or online business is not easy. So I’m very excited to share my affiliate program. You can become an affiliate for all of my DIY Legal Solutions and start making money!
How do the affiliate links work?
Once you have written a blog post or created a video then make sure to share it with me, so I can promote it on my social media platforms including my Facebook group and email list!

Email your blog post or video at hello@crystallacefenn.com.

What products am I allowed to promote?

Check out the my resource shop to see all the DIY Legal Solutions you can promote.

Once you sign up, you will automatically get your referral link. You will earn 50% commission on everything! Payments are made by the 15th of each month for the previous calendar month of affiliate sales, through PayPal. For example, if you have two sales this month(i.e. June), you will be paid by July 15th.

Make sure to enter your PayPal email when you complete the Affiliate Registration Form so that you get paid.

You cannot use your affiliate link to purchase for yourself. If you do, you will not receive the commission.

Additional questions?
For any questions, please contact us at hello@crystallacefenn.com.
Legal compliance
You are free to promote your affiliate links in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations in the United States including but not limited to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on all your social media, websites and email marketing. If a product is returned or refunded then you will not be eligible to receive any commission on that transaction.

We reserve the right to amend our affiliate policy anytime. Please check this page for future updates. We also reserve the right to terminate your affiliate relationship with us for any reason. You agree to indemnify and hold us and/or our officers, employees, successors, shareholders, joint venture partners or anyone else working with us harmless from all losses, claims, damages, demands, actions, suits, proceedings or judgments, including costs, expenses and reasonable attorneys’ fees (“Liabilities”) assessed against or otherwise incurred by you arising, in whole or in part, from any violations of affiliate rules and laws relating to affiliate marketing.


The affiliate program is open to all entrepreneurs because my DIY Legal Solutions include all the essential legal documents and contracts that every blogger, coach and entrepreneur MUST have for their business and on their website (i.e. the Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions) to comply with the laws and protect themselves legally.

I want these easy to use, affordable DIY Legal Solutions to be available to everyone.

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