Blogging for Bank: The Best Facebook Group for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.

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If you’re looking for the best Facebook Group for bloggers and entrepreneurs then hands down, you want to join Blogging for Bank on Facebook. It is an awesome community moderated by me, a fellow blogger and lawyer.

If you’re a blogger or entrepreneur that makes money on line and that is looking for a community and network to help support you and help your business grow, Blogging for Bank is for you. Let me tell you why.

In Blogging for Bank you will find:

✅ Support and engagement

✅ Like minded bloggers and entrepreneurs

✅ Daily opportunities to connect and engage

✅ Business tips

✅ Blogging tips

✅ Legal resources

✅ Social media engagement

✅ Exclusive coupons for blogging and legal resources

✅ Tons of freebies!

We are always welcoming new members so join today!

I am part of a bunch of other Facebook groups as well because I wouldn’t be successful without them. I am always learning about new things in the world of blogging and the tips and support that I get from other bloggers are truly helpful.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should join Blogging for Bank on Facebook:

To promote and grow your business.

The Blogging for Bank group has daily share threads and promo opportunities. Check out the schedule below.

Get business and blogging tips from a lawyer.

A lot of bloggers have questions about the business and legal side of blogging and that is where I want to help most. In Blogging for Bank I am available to answer questions in real time, share business tips, and keep the community up to date on the latest in the law.

Connect with other bloggers.

In Blogging for Bank,  each one teaches one. In addition to sharing tips and resources you will find a an opportunity to connect with other bloggers. Find out about new affiliate programs, sponsored post opportunities, guest post opportunities, freelance opportunities and more. Expand your network.

Here are the group rules:

You cannot promote other affiliate products that conflict with our affiliate links. 

You are welcome to post on the MAIN WALL any time to ask for feedback, questions, share your success stories, big wins, etc. Just be respectful of others and engage with everyone as much as possible to get the most out of this support group!

If you have a specific question you would like me to help with please tag @crystallace

>>>>DO post about your blog questions, ask for feedback, let us help you make tough decisions.

 >>>>DO post about your challenges with your blog so that we can show you that you are not alone + give ideas and encouragement.

>>>> DO connect and collaborate, share your ideas, and engage with the other awesome bloggers. 

*Weekly share thread schedule: 

– MONDAY:   Facebook Follows

– TUESDAY:  Blog Post Comments + Shares

– WEDNESDAY: Promo Wednesdays

– THURSDAY: Pinterest Follows

– FRIDAY: Instagram Follow 

– SATURDAY:  YouTube Subs 

– SUNDAY: Collaboration 

Let’s Be Social

You can ask for feedback and support at any time. The main wall is always open for questions and feel free to lend your feedback and support to others. We are a community!

Ready to join? Click here.

from the lawyer next door,
Crystallace Fenn

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