8 Easy Ways to Boost Productivity


8 Easy Ways to Boost Productivity

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Who doesn’t want to be more productive? Whether you’re a business owner or a mom trying to manage your household, busy days can feel never-ending.

Overwhelmed by the day-to-day of running a business, it’s tough to find time for anything else. But there are plenty of simple things you can do that will help boost your productivity and make life easier on yourself.

Yes, there is hope! Boosting your productivity doesn’t have to be an impossible task.

Here are 8 easy ways boost productivity…

…get organized, prioritize and spend less time attempting to multitask.

1) Get up early

Waking up early in the morning is an excellent way to start off your day with some extra energy. You’ll have all your important tasks completed before noon and feel so energized!

Wake up one hour earlier than usual this week and see how much more accomplished you feel at the end of each day.

2) Get a good night’s rest

Of course, if you’re to get up earlier each day, you’ll need a good night’s rest. Getting enough sleep is important for your body AND mind. There are so many things you can accomplish when you feel awake and rested.

Break up your to do list this week into chunks so that you’re able to fit in a reasonable 8 hours of sleep each night. Anything less than that can make it hard for you to feel rejuvenated the next day, especially if you’re running on less than 6 hours of sleep.

3) Prioritization is the Key

A key to being productive is understanding how to prioritize your tasks. Try to organize the urgent and important tasks into separate lists: a “must do” list and a “want to do” list.

The goal is to work on the most important tasks first, before moving onto things that are less crucial. After you’ve worked through your “must do” list head over to your “want to do” list and start tackling those items as well.

It might even be easier to accomplish the easiest task first, so you feel as if you’re making progress and are motivated to keep going.

4) Give yourself a time limit

If you’re having trouble getting anything done, give yourself a set amount of time (e.g., 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours) to complete the task at hand. For example, if you need to write an article for your blog or create a sales proposal, give yourself one hour to focus on this task and nothing else. This will help you stay committed to the task and be more efficient.

8 Easy Ways to Boost Productivity

More ways you can boost productivity

5) Set Weekly Goals

Set goals for the week instead of daily ones. It’s much easier to divide complex plans into smaller steps to avoid overwhelming yourself.

Begin at the start of each month with your goal for the month, then break this up into action items each week. From there, break down your goal into days. You’ll be surprised at how your small tasks help you to achieve your larger goals.

6) Eliminate Distractions

Remove distractions from your workspace and make sure that your desk is clean and tidy. Turn off your phone notifications and any other alerts that you don’t need. You’ll be able to focus better when you’re not being distracted by emails, phone calls or texts.

8 Easy Ways to Boost Productivity

7) Do Not Multitask

Multitasking means doing several tasks at once, not concentrating on the task that is more important to you.

When you attempt to multitask, you get easily distracted and tend to do a less-than-perfect job. Multitasking is more stressful than simply focusing on one task at a time, as it causes you to feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

Your tasks may suffer and as a result, you will not achieve much.

8) Make time for yourself and your needs

This is an important factor when trying to boost productivity. You can’t be of much use at your job or doing housework if you’re exhausted and cranky.

If you give yourself some time for relaxation after work, such as 20 minutes of yoga or meditation, not only will your body thank you later but you’ll also feel more relaxed come bedtime. It might be hard to take time off at first, but soon you’ll realize that by taking breaks your work will get done much quicker.

As you accomplish tasks and check them off of your list, you’ll feel more accomplished. When you have a clean to-do list, it’s easier for you to relax and feel good about what you’ve done! Before long, those lists will become shorter and shorter as you continue to be productive each day.

You’re ready to tackle your week with confidence when you take small steps each day (e.g., only three tasks per day) so that productivity is manageable rather than overwhelming! Enjoy feeling like a master “to do’er” while also feeling relaxed and happy as well.

And remember to take break! – it’s very important between one task and the next. It is much easier to deal with your tasks when you’ve had a nice break of 10-15 minutes.

That way you will not get tired or distracted from doing the things that are most important at that moment. Go have a cup of tea or bask in the sunshine outside for a moment. Breathe deeply, then get ready once more to tackle your day.

8 Easy Ways to Boost Productivity

So which one of these are you going to try so that you can boost productivity? Let me know in the comments!

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