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declutter your home

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Hey Girl! Are you feeling like you may need to declutter your home?

I know for me it seems like every couple of months I am looking around like, “Where tf did all this stuff come from?”

Although I am not a minimalist, I try my best to keep the clutter away because when my home is clutter free, my mind is clutter free. I feel so much more at peace with how I spend my day because I’m not boggled with the thought, “I should be at home cleaning up.”

Then, I actually like being at home more because it is a peaceful place. So if you are living in clutter, no judgment here but you are missing out on life.

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Why You Should Declutter Your Home

There is a major energy shift that happens when you decide to declutter your home. The moment you make that decision with the intention to take action, your mind gets clearer.

Next, your body will start to take the necessary steps towards making your physical space more manageable.

The physical clutter that you keep within your home is holding you back from being the best version of yourself.

So today, we’re going to discuss the mental and physical steps you need to take to declutter your home and how decluttering can take our homes and our minds from chaos to safe havens and productivity tanks.

declutter your home

Clutter causes negative energy….

If you believe in the Law of Attraction like I do, then you believe that each thing and thought in our world represents an energy.

That includes clutter. Think about it, there may be an old pair of shoes that you don’t wear anymore because they were your ex’s favorite and every time you put them on they remind you of him. Those shoes don’t bring you joy anymore and if something is no longer bringing you joy what are the chances that it is giving off negative energy?

You see where I am going with this?

Clutter can represent a trapped energy and thus cause negative energy if you allow it to pile up in your home and I know you don’t want that.

Clutter can steal your focus….

I have noticed that when my space is cluttered, it makes it super hard for me to focus on getting my work done. Especially, my blog writing. I absolutely love working on my blog in my home office/shespace but when things are cluttered, I have noticed that it takes me longer to get things done.

It’s almost like the clutter is causing the writer’s block. Clutter can rob you of both your focus and your positive energy.

Because I never took the time to unpack and organize after my last move, my Shespace used to be my drop off junk room. It was where I would put things that I needed to “deal with later,” but the reality was I put things in there that I didn’t want to see again anytime soon.

But once I got in control of the clutter, it became my safe haven and my Shespace was born. I cannot even believe this room ever looked like this and the sad part is I did this all in one take. It’s a shame I let it go for months looking like that.

Now my SheSpace serves as my home office and personal lounge area where I can just chill and watch documentaries all night.

Check out the transition in this video.

Clutter can increase stress…

Seeing a mess freaks me out and by no means am I a neat freak. It’s just that clutter has the ability to overwhelm our senses just like multitasking. Btw, multitasking is a lie. The secret to being more productive is not multitasking.

Clutter can cause sensory overload. Thus overloading our brains and increasing our stress hormones. Now, I’m not saying that once you declutter your home you will be stress free but at least your home, your place of peace, won’t be adding to your stress level.

Decreasing clutter around you is a form of self care.

Clutter is essentially physical procrastination….

Yep it’s true. Clutter is procrastination in tangible form. When you have too many things in your house, chances are you’re trying to put off making some decisions.

These can be decisions such as: Should I keep this? Should I throw it away? Should I sell it? Should I take it to the attic? Usually it’s decisions surrounding what to do with the item or where to put it.

See? Procrastination.

But when you declutter your home, you beat that procrastination and essentially take control of your space, energy, and mental freedom.

Physical clutter may be what’s holding you back from being the best version of yourself.

But you may be wondering….

How do you declutter your home when you are overwhelmed?

Girl, like Nike says, “Just do it!”
Decided that this is what you’re going to do.
Don’t overthink it.
Follow the steps I am going to list in this post.
Treat yourself afterwards.

It’s easy to keep procrastinating and tell yourself that you’re too overwhelmed or that you simply don’t have the time to declutter your home.

If you keep making excuses that will be your new habit instead of maintaining a peaceful and decluttered home.

How to declutter your home fast

What is the first step to decluttering?

To declutter your home, the first step you have to take is preparation. You have to mentally prepare for the process of decluttering. Follow these steps in this order.

Decluttering in 4 Easy Steps

1. Be mentally prepared

In order to fully declutter your home, you’re going to have to be in the right mental place. Be mentally prepared to let go of the clutter that’s been filling your home, but not your heart.

This may mean gifts from your ex or pieces of clothing you love but can no longer fit. If the item is no longer being used and doesn’t bring you joy, then put it in a removal pile immediately.

2. Create two simple piles

You want to create two piles to separate your items. A yes, to keep the item pile and a no, not to keep the item pile. Go through your items and toss them in the designated pile. If the item doesn’t have sentimental value, a good question to ask yourself is, “Have I worn or used this item in the last two years?” If the answer if no, then toss it in the not to keep pile.

Another good trick to use is to ask yourself, “Do I use this? Do I need this? Does this fit me?”

Only give yourself Yes or No answers. If the answer is No, it goes in the not to keep pile.

These tricks work best with clothing, household items, and knick knacks.

3. Rinse and Repeat

It’s nothing to rinse, I just like that phrase but you’re going to want to repeat these steps for each room, closet, and storage space in your home. If it’s easier for you commit to one room a day or even one room per weekend. Whichever works best for schedule, commit to that and stick to it.

This is how you will make your way to decluttering your entire house so that it becomes a place of peace and tranquility for you.

4. What to do with the clutter

Now that you’ve separated everything you’ll probably have a huge pile of “What do I do with this now?” First, for items that are in sellable condition, definitely sell them. I like to list my old clothes for sale on Poshmark, and other items on sale on Mercari. I then take the proceeds from those sales and put them in their own piggy bank. That’s how I help fund my designer handbag addiction. It’s like having extra cash around which it makes it easier to stick to my budget.

If you aren’t already on Poshmark, why not?! To date, I have earned over $2,000.00 selling old clothes on Poshmark.

Join me on Poshmark, my favorite app to buy & sell fashion. Save up to 70% off top brands! For a limited time, use my code ADDMILDSAUCE to save $10

For things that are not sellable but still usable. Like a shirt with a stain on it, a sweater with a snag or, old gym shoes. I prefer to donate those items to my local shelter not Goodwill. People in shelters are happy to have those items.

It’s really not that hard …

When it comes to decluttering the name of the game is Mind over Matter or Mind over Clutter.

I wrote this blog post because I truly believe that we all should constantly work at being better human beings and sometimes that looks like creating new habits that can help us live better and give off more positive energy. This go ’round that looked like maintaining decluttered spaces. Routinely decluttering your home can be that new habit that helps make a better you.

So what are you waiting for?! Put on this playlist and start cleaning girl. You can start decluttering your home this week and start to feel that mental clarity by Monday. Here is some motivation to help get it done.

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Are you ready to start routine decluttering? Let me know in the comments!

from the lawyer next door,
Crystallace Fenn

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