Chic, Affordable Easter Table Decor Under $100

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Chic, Affordable Easter Table Decor Under $100

Last Updated March 2022 by Crystallace

Hey Girl!

Spring is here so that means Easter season is here and for some families, it’s their first normal Easter together since the pandemic.

This means some people will be hosting for the first time and preparing Easter dinner for the first time, no pressure right?

This Easter season, I chose to do some Easter table decor, put up a Easter wreath, and make a Easter snack board. For color schemes, I decided to go with traditional Easter pastels for my Easter table decor.

So let’s get into it! Be sure to Pin 📌 this to your board for inspiration!

Chic Easter Table Decor

If you don’t know me or follow me on socials you may not know that I am all #luxuryonabudget Meaning I like the luxury, chic look without spending too much money.

With that said, a lot of the items in my Easter table decor are neutral staples that I used for other holidays. And while I try to link what I can, a lot of my finds are from random clearance racks. I definitely attempt to link dupes when I can.

Easter Table Decor from Amazon

I can’t stress this enough but don’t sleep on Amazon when it comes to holiday decor. In fact, I have a blog post on Amazon Easter Wreath Finds.

Chic, Affordable Easter Table Decor Under $100

Why Amazon is my first stop for Easter table decor:

  • You don’t want to spend a lot of money especially if you love the holidays like me because that would really add up. Amazon is super cheap.
  • You have a range of styles to choose from. Sometimes the stores just seem to have a super cheesy selection when it comes to holidays.
  • You can often get different size selections. If you have ever been in a furniture store you know that no two houses have the same size table. I love that Amazon offers size selections.
  • Super fast shipping.
  • Easy returns.

Chic, Affordable Easter Table Decor Under $100

Easter Table Decor Tablescape

To start, I set my dining room table for 4.

Table Runner

I got this super cute Linen Table Runner from Amazon. It was plain and simple and just right for my taste. I love linen when it comes to home decor, it has more of chic vibe.

This table runner alone instantly adds life to a room and spruces up a Dining Room table.

It did come wrinkled so I had to steam it with my hand held steamer. I keep this steamer downstairs so that I can steam my pillows, couch, curtains, and table runners. I recommend having it because you can’t always use an iron on certain materials.


I found these woven placemats on clearance at Home Goods. I actually was looking for more natural classic woven round placemats but I stumbled across these and I decided to go with it because my dining room furniture is more of a lighter color.

I find that these placemats are fine for Spring and Summer holidays but I will probably invest in a darker set for the Fall and Winter.

Plate Chargers

I got these gold plate chargers from Amazon as well. I highly recommend these because they can work with just about any setting and color scheme out there.

Dinner Plates

I found these dinner plates at Home Goods. They are more of neutral pearl/gold color. I think that pretty much go with any color scheme.

Chic, Affordable Easter Table Decor Under $100

Salad Plates

I don’t know how I stumbled across these amazing ceramic salad plates on Amazon but this was such a score. They came in a set of 6 in these gorgeous pastel colors. The pastel colors are bold enough for a chic Easter table decor addition but subtle enough for a permanent place. The set also includes neutral colors.

I feel lucky to have found these on Amazon, ok!


I found these check table napkins in the clearance section Home Goods. I cannot remember the exact brand but they are great quality. Here is a similar set I found on Amazon.

Chic, Affordable Easter Table Decor Under $100

Napkin Rings

These cute Nicole Miller Bunny Ear napkin rings are another one of my best clearance section Home Goods. I can’t seem to find them anywhere but resale sites. Here is what they look like on Ebay.


This is my same goldware set that I found at Home Goods. It consists of a fork, knife, and two spoons. It’s more. of a rustic gold but it fits my vibe. I paid less than $20 for it but here is a set I found on Amazon for the same price.

Chic, Affordable Easter Table Decor Under $100

What I have in the middle of my Easter table:

Because my table is only set for 4, I don’t have a lot but I do have this Greenery setting that I found from Home Goods with a few random pastel colored eggs I found there as well.

Easter Sunday Dinner Ideas

I set a snack board in the middle of table that I made. I talk about that more in this blog post. Be sure to check it out or Pin it for later.

I hope you are inspired to create your own Easter Table Decor this year. When you do, please tag me @heycrystallace I would love to see them.

BTW, are you following me on socials? Let’s keep in touch! I’m on PinterestIGFacebookYouTube, and TikTok

Are you hosting Easter this year? Are you having a traditional dinner or something more along the lines of games, drinks, and snacks?

Let me know in the comments!

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