10 Ideas for the Perfect Galentines Day


10 Ideas for the Perfect Galentines Day

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Hey Girl! So yes, it’s that time of the year….again. Valentine’s Day is coming up and you may not have anyone. Trust me, I know the feeling. The majority of my adult years have left me single on Valentine’s Day. But instead of dreading it like I used to, I now look forward to it.

Because Us Single Ladies are Turning Valentines Day into Galentines Day

You may have noticed this trend going around on social media but if you haven’t let me loop you in.

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Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day for couples but, it goes without saying that not everyone is in a relationship on February 14th. But that does not mean that you have to spend the day alone, drinking wine, trying to avoid social media.

Attention!: “All the single ladies!”

Ladies, just because you don’t have someone crushing on you on Valentine’s Day does not mean that you can’t have an amazing Valentines Day.

This year turn Valentine’s Day into Galentines Day by spending it with the gals. This mean grab a girlfriend, or girlfriends and enjoy the evening together. This can be a wonderful way to catch up with them and keep both you and them from feeling left out on this traditionally romantic holiday.

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10 Ideas for Spending Galentines Day with a Friend

#1 Check out a movie

One thing you can almost bet on is that there is going to be a cheesy Rom Com at the movies during this time of year. This year, it’s Marry Me with JLo and I can’t wait to check it out myself. Check out the trailer:

If you choose to spend your Galentines Day going to the movies, keep in mind that there will be tons of couples there. If you feel like you may trigger a friend that’s getting over a break up or going through a divorce, you may want to stay in and stream it, if possible.

#2 Go Bowling

Another fun way to spend Galentines Day is to go bowling. Bowling can be a lot of fun and it is not typically a place where you will see a lot of couples on Valentine’s Day.

The bowling alley can be the perfect distraction. It’s fun, it’s noisy and distracting, there’s wings and drinks, and you can meet other singles.

To make this even more fun or special you and your girls can dress up in a specific theme. Like 90’s, 2000’s, or Beyonce!

10 Ideas for the Perfect Galentines Day

#3 Try a New Restaurant

You still gotta eat right? Galentines Day dinner for two? or more?

If there is a new restaraunt in town or maybe a fancy restaurant you’ve been dying to try, why not now?

But you need to plan early for this Galentines Day idea because it is unlikely you will be able to get a table anywhere without a reservation.

#4 Volunteer

If you and your girlfriend are looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day that doesn’t involve spending money, try volunteering. You could spend the evening serving dinner at a shelter. Most holiday are difficult times at shelters because emotions are high and they may be short staffed.

A lot of people look for opportunities to volunteer on family oriented holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, but many people overlook the opportunity to volunteer on other holidays that may very well have the same impact.

Spending Valentine’s Day volunteering can leave you feeling very fulfilled.

10 Ideas for the Perfect Galentines Day

#5 Crafting

Crafting can be lots of fun. Personally, I enjoy crocheting and making things but if you are someone who doesn’t this can make crafting even more fun.

You and the ladies can pre order a crafting set and keep it casual or attend a class and make it fun.

Candle making class, sip and paint, or a cake decorating class are all great options for a fun Galentines Day. Be sure to check Groupon for a great deal.

10 Ideas for the Perfect Galentines Day

#6 Go for a Hike

This is by far one of my favorite things to do on any given weekend. Hiking has helped me get through some stressful times in life. It’s something that you can do alone or with a friend.

Heading to a trail to spends some time with nature will definitely help you and your friends unwind and get away from all the romance themes.

Even if the weather isn’t the best you can still bundle up and take a walk in the park or around the neighborhood. Just getting out the house, away from a screen, and grabbing some fresh air, is good for the soul.

10 Ideas for the Perfect Galentines Day

#7 Game Night

Scrabble anyone? Put together an awesome game night! Either have everyone bring along a game they would like to play, or you arrange the games and have everyone else bring snacks and drinks.

Include traditional games such as Cluedo, Scrabble, Jenga, or Pictionary or try something new like What the F!, or $#!% Happens and have loads of laughs.

Grab a white board, some markers and turn Pictionary into Actionary, play charades, or an adult version of Hot-and-Cold and hide surprises around the house calling ‘hot’ when someone gets near it, or ‘cold’ as they move away.

Keep score (or don’t) and have prizes for the winners at the end.

10 Ideas for the Perfect Galentines Day

#8 Comedy or Drag Show

If you have a club near you that puts on a good show, now is the time to book!

A Valentine’s Day show is sure to deliver a good time.

If you are in need of a good laugh or a good time with friends, a night out on the town is a winner!

#9 Go Shopping

Isn’t this typically the answer? But seriously, why not spend Valentine’s Day treating yourself to something nice. It may be time to splurge on that Designer bag you’ve been wanting or that more expensive perfume you’ve been holding out on.

Why not hit a fancy department store that you typically avoid and spend the evening window shopping with your girls.

10 Ideas for the Perfect Galentines Day

#10 Stay In!

Finally, don’t rule out Netflix and Chill. This is another budget frienfdly option if you and your girls are looking for a great way to spend Valentine’s Day, you might consider renting a bunch of movies and ordering a pizza. This can be a great way to spend time with a friend and create your own Galentine’s Day.

You won’t have to worry about getting all dressed up to go somewhere fancy. Instead, you can just relax, be yourself and enjoy a great evening with a friend. Tell jokes, reminisce, and have a good laugh. You can even rent a bunch of romantic movies, open a bottle of wine and toast all those who are out celebrating with a loved one.

I have a recipe for a delicious Cotton Candy Mocktail in this Pin below. Check it out and Pin it for later!

Galentines Day is right around the corner!

And just because you’re not in a romantic relationship doesn’t mean you have to spend Valentine’s Day alone.

This year, grab your girlfriends for the perfect Galentines Day, have fun, try something new, and create unforgettable memories.

Have you ever celebrated Galentine’s Day before? Let me know in the comments!

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