9 Easy Tips on How to Pack Light for Vacay


9 Tips on How to Pack Light for Vacay

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Hey Girl !

It’s time for another Girls Trip or maybe this time a Baecation and you swear this is the last time you are going to overpack. Or maybe you’re just like me and you hate checking bags because you want to spend every moment of your vacation, vacationing and getting the perfect pics for the Gram. Either way, today I am sharing my best tips for how to pack light.

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Traveling to a new place is always fun, but packing? Not so much. Packing for a trip can often be a daunting task. You want to carry as little as possible but you don’t want to forget any of the important stuff you’ll need.

I feel you girl, that’s why I wanted to write this blog post and share with you my best tips for how to pack light.

If so, Be sure to Pin 📌 this post so that you will have it for a reference. With these 9 packing tips, you’ll be able to pack just what you need so you can focus on enjoying your trip.

9 Tips on How to Pack Light for Vacay

How to Pack Light for Vacation

1. Make a list of everything you’ll need.

This may seem like an obvious step, but it’s important to make sure you don’t forget any of the essentials. I like to make a list of everything that I need to take from toiletries to makeup to underwear to sleepwear. Make sure everything is on the list!

Start your list with the basics like toiletries and clothes, then move on to things like travel documents and any electronics you’ll need.

As you make your list, think about any events you’ll be attending or places you’ll be going. You’ll want to consider the dress code and any other needs for those.

The earlier you can start making your list, the less likely it is that you’ll forget any essentials.

2. Find out what the weather will be like.

Story time. My first year of law school, I went with some classmates to Vegas during Spring Break which was the end of March and it was COLD AF! Because I had been to Vegas before and it’s obviously the desert I assumed it would be hot. I only packed shorts, tanks, basically summer wear with no jacket. Needless to say we spent the majority of our trip in the hotel.

Always check the weather. This will help you determine what kind of clothes to pack and always have a light jacket. You just never know what can happen or wear you may get stuck.

If you’re traveling somewhere with a lot of different climate zones, make sure to pack clothing that can be layered so you’ll be prepared for anything.

The weather and climate will also help you determine what you need for skin and hair care, too.

9 Tips on How to Pack Light for Vacay

Tips on How to Pack Light for Any Trip

3. Stick to a color scheme.

Picking a color scheme for your clothes can also help you reduce the number of items you need to pack. If everything goes together, then you’ll have more outfit options with fewer clothes.

You’ll get the most out of the clothes you pack if you stick with mainly neutral items for your big pieces, then add pops of color with lightweight smaller items like scarves and jewelry.

Pick a simple, neutral color palette and only pack clothes that fit that palette. Four tops times four bottoms equals sixteen outfits (4 * 4 = 16).

Opt for pieces, not complete outfits, to maximize your looks.

4. Roll, don’t fold.

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them will help save space in your suitcase.

It also helps prevent wrinkles, which is especially important for delicate items like dresses and shirts.

You can roll breakable and delicate items like jewelry in your clothes too, so they don’t get damaged during travel.

5. Wear layers on the plane.

If you can wear a few items during travel time, that’s more space saved in your luggage! It will also help keep you comfortable if the temperature on the plane is chilly, which is often the case. Remember that jacket I told you about earlier?

9 Tips on How to Pack Light for Vacay

6. Use packing hacks for toiletries.

There are a few different ways to save space with your toiletries. Buy travel-sized items whenever possible, and invest in a good set of reusable travel containers. You can also find ways to use common items for multiple purposes, like using baby wipes as makeup removers.

7. Be strategic about packing shoes.

Shoes can take up a lot of space in your suitcase, so it’s important to pack them wisely. Wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane so you don’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase.

When I do pack shoes in my suitcase, I stuff the insides of my shoes with anything that I can like bras or sleepwear. I just roll them tight and stuff them in my shoes.

Try to choose shoes that can serve multiple purposes, like a nice sandal or cute flats.

9 Tips on How to Pack Light for Vacay

More Tips for How to Pack Light

8. Make use of all the pockets.

Most suitcases have a variety of pockets and compartments that can be used to store smaller items. Make use of these pockets to keep things like socks, underwear, and belts organized and easy to find. Usually these pockets and compartments are designed to leave you with more space in your main compartment.

9. Share some items with your travel companions.

Sometimes, how to pack light is a team sport. If you’re traveling with other people, work together to see what you can share so that everyone isn’t packing the same item unnecessarily.

Consider sharing some items like toiletries and electronics so that everyone has what they need without taking up too much space.

9 Tips on How to Pack Light for Vacay

Now that you know how to pack light

Packing for a trip doesn’t have to be stressful and now you know how to pack light and efficiently without sacrificing anything important. Try out a few of these tips on your next trip and see how much easier packing can be!

So now that you are all packed, where are you headed to? Let me know in the comments.

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