How to Spend Time Alone…and love it!

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Spending time alone is extremely beneficial for you, especially when you take into account that solitude can help you find your own voice, boost your creativity, and get you feeling more comfortable about who you are.

Whether you’re recently single, just moved out of your home, or you simply want to start embracing “me time”, here’s the ultimate guide on how to spend time alone (and actually love it!)

How To Spend Time Alone (And Love It)

1.     Start a hobby just for the sake of it

Hobbies (yep, that means activities you do simply because you enjoy doing them) are a wonderful way not only to start being okay with spending time alone, but actually look forward to it!

As a rule, it’s best to get several hobbies, including one that keeps your brain active (learning a new language or instrument), one that helps you get creative (painting, pottery, writing, etc), and one that keeps your physical health in check (if you don’t already have an excercise routine, this can look anything like hoola hopping, doing yoga, or learning a few dance moves!)

2.    Journal

Not only is journaling a wonderful way to spend time alone, but it’s also one of the most powerful acts of self-care out there.

Making a habit out of journaling and writing about your day and emotions can have a huge impact on your entire life. This includes the way you process your emotions, how you approach difficult situations, and so much more!

3.    Get inspired

One of the best ways to spend time alone is by getting inspired to improve your life. This can look like anything like spending hours on end scrolling through Pinterest, creating your own vision board, going for a walk in search of inspiration, or taking a trip elsewhere.

When you share your time with someone else, it’s very easy to focus on the other person rather than look outside. Spending time alone eliminates distractions, giving you plenty of opportunities to notice things you wouldn’t otherwise do.

4.    Get creative

Spending time alone means you have plenty of opportunities to get creative. If you don’t already have a creative outlet, it may be time to get one. Painting, writing, DIYing, re-decorating a room, or playing an instrument are all great options to get those creative juices flowing like never before!

5.    Pamper yourself

Give yourself permission to pamper yourself, be it by lighting candles and hosting impromptu aromatherapy at home, soaking up in the bathtub and reading a book, or crafting up a perfect skincare routine!

6.   Get baking

Baking can be incredibly therapeutic and an instant mood-lifter. Plus, it comes with the added bonus of getting rewarded for your efforts with delicious treats, so what’s not to love?! Try out a few of your family’s classics as well as add new recipes to the repertoire!

7.    Tap into your inner child

Tapping into your inner child has been proven to instantly improve your mindset towards the world and remind you of who you truly are.

Remember those activities you loved doing as a kid? Be it painting, playing Nintendo, or building a fort in your living room, you’re never too old for them!

8.    Get obsessed with a topic

Be it tarot cards, dinosaurs, unresolved mysteries, a historical character, or whatever comes to mind, get obsessed over a topic and do everything in your hands to learn everything you can about it.

Seriously, not only is researching random topics super fun, but it will also give you the chance to learn a ton of new things (who knows, it may come up in conversation when you least expect it!)

9.   Binge-watch a show

If you find yourself feeling lazy, it’s totally okay to cuddle up under your blanket and binge-watch a show.

Even though you may be tempted to go for the classics you’ve already seen or look for the current most popular one on Netflix, try doing things a bit differently and select your next binge-watch party randomly – you never know what you may find!

10. Start a side hustle

If you’d like to earn some extra cash or you just know you’re really good at something but haven’t tapped into your potential yet, starting a side hustle is a wonderful way to spend some serious (and profitable) alone time

This can look like anything like starting a blog, opening up your own Etsy shop, selling printables, or just about anything else you can think of!

I hope this list of ideas on how to spend time alone helped you look forward to doing it rather than dreading it. Being alone does not equal being lonely, and even though it may feel difficult at first, you’ll soon realize how amazing it can be (warning: it can actually get addictive!).

What are some other activities you like doing when you’re alone? Let me know all about them in the comment section below!

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