The Ultimate Guide To an Indoor Self-Care Day

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In need of some serious pampering? Whether you’re currently isolating or simply dreaming of a spa day but don’t exactly want to splurge, a great way to get exactly what you need without having to step outside or break the bank is by treating yourself to your very own self-care day!

Even though I usually like to think of self-care as small inside actions that ultimately add up into a well-rounded life (i.e. exercising, eating healthy, journaling, etc), there’s no denying that taking care of our bodies by pampering ourselves is also an important step.

You may not be able to get that Swedish massage you’ve been eyeing for a while, but creating our very own at-home spa can be a great way to stay entertained for a day while also practicing some serious self-care.

Put those fluffy slippers on, light a candle up, play some relaxing music, and try a few of these fun indoor spa ideas right from the comfort of your home!

The Ultimate Guide To an Indoor Self-Care Day

Go on a luxury vacation

Spa experiences can be very different depending on what part of the world you find yourself in. If you’ve always dreamt of getting a massage in Thailand or treating yourself to an Onsen experience in Japan, why not try mimicking the experience right at home?

Smells and sounds are the key elements when it comes to creating experiences. For a Thai vacay, get yourself some Jasmin-scented essential oils and play this playlist. For an Onsen-like experience, this album and a few Sakura-scented candles may just do the trick. If you want to mimic a Swedish sauna experience, you could very well create steam using your shower and play this playlist!

The options are endless, and traveling right from home is all about getting a bit creative. As you relax, close your eyes, and try transporting yourself to that place you’ve been dreaming of – it can also turn into a pretty interesting meditation experience!

Give yourself a mani-pedi

Getting mani-pedis is a key step when it comes to visiting the spa for a day, so make sure you take care of those hands and feet at your very own home spa as well!

Fill up a bowl with hot water, soak your feet/hands, scrub away, and don’t forget to treat your nails to a glow-up session. If you want to get professional, get yourself a kit like this one and watch a few video tutorials with a step-by-step process!

Create a steam room

Steam rooms aren’t just super relaxing, but they’re also praised for their amazing health benefits. Better circulation, relaxing muscles post-workout, and skin health are just a few of the ways in which sitting in steam for a few minutes can help your body.

Creating your very own at-home steam room is easy as pie. All you have to do is let hot water run for a few minutes until your bathroom gets steamy and you’ll be good to go. Pair the experience with music, candles, and a few essential oils and you’ve got yourself a better experience than you would at the spa!

I don’t recommend doing this very often in order not to waste water unnecessarily, but treating yourself to it a few times a year is totally okay!

Create your own fruit bath

If you have a bathtub, try a new (and incredibly relaxing) way to soak in. Fruit baths are known for their many health benefits to both your skin and circulation. Creating your very own one is so easy that you’re guaranteed to continue doing it every time you want to take a simple bath.

Fill up your bathtub with water, slice a few of your favorite fruits, and soak them in. Even though you can go for practically any fruit you wish, the surefire way to go for your first fruit bath are citrus like lemons or oranges (plus, vitamin C is great for your skin, so there’s a little bonus for ya!).

Get a spa kit

If you feel totally lost as to what you may need for your own spa session, you can simply order a home spa kit and have it delivered. These kits contain pretty much about everything you’ll need for a serious self-pampering session, including body scrubs, bath salts, sheet masks, lotions, gels, and more.

I hope this list of ideas on how to set up your very own at-home spa for an indoor self-care session inspired you to get started. As a warning, these self-pampering sessions can get extremely addictive once you see how easy they actually are to set up, so don’t be surprised if they become a regular part of your week!

Have you ever treated yourself to a DIY at-home spa? What are other fun ways you like to practice self-care right from the comfort of your home? Let me know in the comment section below!

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