10 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Live a More Positive Life Now


10 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Live a More Positive Life Now

Last Updated February 2022 by Crystallace

10 Ways to Live a More Positive Life

Hey Girl! One of my goals for this year was to live a more positive life.

Living a more positive life means living a happier life. Being happy is like being healthy. We all desire to be it. But do we really understand the complexity of happiness?

Living a more positive life also means leading a fulfilling and meaningful life that we are passionate about – that’s what matters most in the end, right?

Having a more positive outlook can also impact your health! Your brain chemicals are positively affected by being more optimistic. Your feelings of happiness and sadness are controlled by neurotransmitters in your brain.

When you live a negative life, you create an excess amount of cortisol (a stress hormone) and inhibit serotonin production which leads to depression. These problems can be alleviated by living a positive lifestyle, and it doesn’t have to take much effort either!

Here are some strategies below that can help you live a more positive life:

I am doing all of this in 2022….

1) Get rid of toxic people from your life!

Do you have someone who brings you down by complaining and criticizing every little thing? Does she/he make you feel miserable when you’re with them or even if they’re not around but just thinking about them brings sadness into your heart?

One simple way to eliminate these people from your circle is to cut them off. Yes, block them. You don’t owe anyone your attention at the expense of your peace. Block them from your life and you will be surprised at how much more peaceful and happy you feel.

2) Be grateful and appreciative for what you have in life.

Did you wake up today? Are you able to read this article on a piece of hardware you’re privileged to be able to use? Are you able to take a deep breath?

Take some time each morning to list five things that matter most to you – like being grateful for your health, best friends or your parner! This can really help build positivity in your life.

3) Have you heard of the power of random acts of kindness?

It’s incredible how much a little gesture can make a person smile. Think about the last time someone was nice to you out of nowhere, wasn’t it pretty sweet?

We sometimes forget that we all live in our own worlds and don’t think much beyond our little bubble – until someone does something super cool for us! If you’re in a situation where it feels dismal and hopeless, an act of kindness from someone unexpected can help change your mood. Be that act of kindness for someone else. We’re all going through things and you just might. make that person’s day.

One of the ways I like to practice this is by doing random “coffee on me” mornings on Instagram. I will post a Starbucks gift card and whoever sees it can use it. I love doing this. Be sure to follow me on Instagram so that you can have coffee on me one day.

4) Find simple joys in life.

I know this sounds really obvious but have you ever stopped to think about just how beautiful life really is? There are things like flowers blooming on trees, stars shining at night as we dream, and the ocean waves stretching out on a beach.

There are also people who love us wholeheartedly. It is these little moments in life that can lift our spirits up higher especially when feeling down! Seize every opportunity to find beauty in the world around you – each day is precious, so savor it now.

5)  Drink more water.

I know you were not expecting to see this one on a list of how to live a more positive life but when we are dehydrated, our mood turns sour and we can even get sick from it! No one likes a thirsty chick lol.

I know when I’m really thirsty, my attitude is snappy – not good. Drinking plenty of water daily will help your body stay hydrated as well as promote higher energy levels in your day.

So if you’re feeling tired or irritable, grab a bottle of cold water to perk up your mood for the rest of the day!

I am drinking water while I am typing this post. No BS. I practice what I preach on this blog.

6) Make time for fun.

This could involve anything that puts a smile on your face such as watching Disney movies or hanging out with friends for some laughs (preferably positive people).

One thing that helps me break free from negative stressful thought patterns is laughing at silly things. It’s a great way to change your perspective on life and thus live a more positive life. You can’t be gloomy when you’re cracking up!

I also love crocheting and going hiking by myself.

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10 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Live a More Positive Life Now

7) Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

This can be a hard one for me during the winter months but I still try.

Being active is important in maintaining high energy levels and clear thinking, so make time for this daily or at least most days of the week.

Even something like walking briskly for 20-30 minutes can help give you more pep in your step. Get moving and get happier!

live a more positive life

8) Reverse negative self-talk with positive affirmations.

Now this is a power hack that will get you moving in the right direction by changing the way you talk to yourself. If your self-talk is negative, ask yourself what you would say or think if someone else was going through what you are? Would you complain just as much then? Most likely not which means that it’s time to shift how you see things.

Use positive language and tell yourself “I’m awesome” instead of “this sucks.” Literally, say it out loud to hear how powerful this can be!

I believe in affirmations so much, I have written about them in two other blog posts. This one is full of affirmations to help give you a jump start when you’re working from home. This one is for motivation to get you through hard times. Be sure to check both of them out.

This blog post also has positive affirmation graphics. Pin 📌 them to your board so that you will have them for later.

10 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Live a More Positive Life Now

9) Be kinder to yourself.

Remember everyone makes mistakes – including YOU. If something goes wrong, learn from it without being hard on yourself about it for days on end. Keep in mind that everything will work out in the end.

Like Drake says, “Time heals all, and heels hurt to walk in.”

10 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Live a More Positive Life Now

10) Give a compliment to someone you don’t know every day.

Smile at that person from across the room or say something nice to them! It can be something simple like “You look pretty today.” Make someone else’s day just for fun and be happy in turn yourself for doing so!

It can be easy to get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight of what really matters. In moments of stress especially, it can be hard to focus on the positives. This is when you need to practice gratitude and kindness the most. A simple act of goodwill or appreciation for something in your life will help put things back into perspective. There are many ways that we can live a more positive life, but these 10 should get you started!

Have any other ideas on how to live a more positive life ? Let me know in the comments!

from the lawyer next door,
Crystallace Fenn

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