My Honest Review of Thinx Period Panties


My honest review of Thinx Period Panties

Last Updated January 2022 by Crystallace

It seems like the minute I turned 30, my periods became heavier and longer. I started menstruating at 10, so I have a ton of period horror stories but I will spare you the details.

After I graduated law school and started working, I was so excited about finally being able to sleep like a normal person again that I invested in this amazing Tempurpedic mattress. I nicknamed it the “Dreamcatcher 4000.” Cheesy I know.

Why I Decided to Purchase Thinx Period Panties

My heavy periods coupled with me being a wild sleeper, often meant I left stains in the bed during my period. This was something that previously didn’t bother me but, when I made the investment into the Dreamcatcher 4000, the thought of staining my nice mattress was taunting me.  After a close call, even with a pair of shorts on, I decided to give period panties a try.

My Honest Review of Thinx Period Panties

I had been seeing tons of ads for them on my social media feed probably because I was always complaining about my period and my phone was creeping on me.

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There were a few brands to choose from but Thinx was having a promotion where I could get $10 off my first pair of panties so I made the leap and bought the Thinx Boyshorts and here are my honest thoughts:

Click here for $10 off a pair of Thinx.

My Honest Thoughts on Thinx Period Panties

1. They’re extremely comfortable.

In the boyshorts, I got a size Large (my hips are about 44″) and they fit perfectly. They were nice and comfortable with just the right amount of snug. They actually look like athletic shorts or regular boyshorts. You really could wear them around the house with a tee shirt and no one would know. I do it all the time.

My Honest Review of Thinx Period Panties

********************Update ***********************

Since I first wrote this post, I have bought three more pairs of Thinx. The Hiphugger, French Cut, and the Thong. I haven’t wore the Thong yet but I do rotate the Hiphugger and the French Cut.

After sleeping in the Boyshorts for months, I decided to branch out and wear my Thinx outside the house, so that is what made me by the “panties.” If you wear your jeans fitted like me then the Boyshorts may be too much under them. They are made out of a thicker material and lining may show through. The panties however are perfect and clothes go over them like they would normal panties.

I don’t wear the Hiphugger and French Cut for as long as I would the Boyshorts and I have not tried them for full day wear. I more so wear them when I know I will be back home. 6 hours max.

My Honest Review of Thinx Period Panties

*********************Another Update*******************

I first wrote this blog post in Fall 2019 when I purchased my first pair of Thinx Boyshorts. In December of 2021, it was time to replace them. I was able to get an amazing two-year use out of them but Thinx period panties don’t last forever.

You will need to replace them depending on how frequently you use them. I used mine 1-2 times per cycle, every cycle, for 2 years but I am not disappointed. They had a great run and needless to say, I bought seven more pairs!

My Honest Review of Thinx Period Panties

2. They’re great for sleeping in

I waited till Day 2, my heaviest flow to try out my Thinx Boyshorts. I showered, did my nighttime routine, then put them on. While you can feel the initial wetness of the flow, the panties quickly absorb it. It’s not like I’m sitting in a pile of mush. I slept like a baby in these and the next morning I got up and had my cup of coffee in them. I decided to take off the panties after 10 hours of wear and I had no issues and no leaks or stains in my bed. Mission accomplished.

My Honest Review of Thinx Period Panties

3. They’re a great back up plan

Because I am such a heavy bleeder, I never leave the house without a back up plan. One period product is never enough for me. When I would go to work, I would do a tampon and a pad for back up, in case of leakage.

So if you’re like me, and you don’t want to take the leap of faith and risk a mishap at work with period panties by themselves, they are a good back up plan to tampons when you know you may have a busy day. 

4. They’re great for workouts.

OMG. This reason can stand alone. Talk about a worry free workout. These period panties, especially the Thinx Boyshorts., take away all the excuses for not going to the gym during that time of the month.

You can grab a pair just to workout in and it is so worth it. No leaks, no messes, no movement restrictions. Now the only thing you have to worry about is cramps and those chocolate cravings. Period yoga anyone?

My Honest Review of Thinx Period Panties

5. They’re easy to care for.

Thinx come with their own wash instructions. Once I wear mine, I put them in their own wicker laundry bag in my laundry room. At the end of my cycle, I wish all of mine together in the machine, per the instructions. I then hang them to dry for a day and then back in my drawer they go until the next moon.

My Honest Review of Thinx Period Panties

Thinx Period panties are a great investment

Since I have upgraded my period with Thinx period panties I have been able to workout, sleep, and menstruate without worrying about staining my clothes. I have also cut back drastically on tampon and napkin usage.

Thinx are by far the most expensive pair of panties I have purchased but the money I have saved from the usage of tons of napkins, tampons, and dry cleaning have been worth the trade. Also, it’s better for the environment!

Honestly, I wish I would have bought them sooner and have been so excited to share my experience with other women that I have even gifted my friends a family with some because I wish every woman could just try them. Even if you don’t find it to be your go-to thing, it doesn’t hurt to keep a pair on hand for workouts or sleeping in.

Stop overthinking about them and just go ahead and try it. Click here for $10 off your first pair.

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Are you thinking about trying Thinx Period Panties? Let me know in the comments!

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