My Third Month Blog Income Report

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My Third Month Blog Income Report

Last Updated June 2021 by Crystallace

Before we jump into my third blog income report

First things first, I want to address any changes or hiccups that my blog experienced in the previous month.

I finally launched my new website and I love it! The downfall is this restarts my traffic and SEO journey but I feel like it was so worth it. I hadn’t invested too much time in SEO which was a huge blogging mistake.

Don’t put SEO on the back burner. I can’t stress this enough. You won’t see results from SEO overnight but in time it will help your blog traffic.

I found this FREE SEO course for bloggers that I highly recommend. It helped me a ton, you should really check it out.

My Third Month Blog Income Report

Unfortunately, the redirect isn’t running smoothly so my Pinterest Pins are not automatically redirecting.

This is a little frustrating but it isn’t much I can do about it. I am still using Tailwind to help me Pin and our Tailwind Tribe is growing. You can join here!

I didn’t do any promotion for my blog during the month of August because of the site migration. This left me solely dependent on Etsy for sales.

While I am writing this post it seems like it is always something with my blog and I am feeling discouraged but I hope that this will be the last major bump.

So on to my blogging goals from last month and how I did

August 2020 blogging goals:

  1. Achieve 1500 monthly page views, I had 694 page views.
  2. Get 50K Pinterest monthly views,  I had 35K Pinterest Monthly views.
  3. Have 1500 Pinterest followers, I currently have 979 Pinterest followers. You can follow me on Pinterest here.
  4. Have 40 published blog posts,  I have 40 published blog posts.
  5. Add at least one related content post to every blog post. Check!
  6. Grow my email list to 25 subscribers.I grew my list to 24 subscribers.
  7. Get my Facebook Group up to 30 members. We currently have 69 members and are growing! You can join the best Facebook group for bloggers here.

So now for my third month blog income report

This month I made $504.76 selling products from my website.

This was from my Website Legal Bundle™ that every blog and website needs to help legally protect their site. This bundle sells for $99.99 on my blog but I offer an exclusive coupon for $50 off for Blogging for Bank Facebook group members. Another great reason to join. You can join now here, for free!

I also have an affiliate program that offers a 50% commission on every sale that you make. I have a legal boutique full of easy to use, legal business contract templates that every entrepreneur can use.

You can join my affiliate program here. That means that when you make the investment to legally protect your blog with my Website Legal Bundle™ all you have to do is get two commission sales and you’ve earned your money back.

6 Things to be Cautious of When Starting an Online Business....Tips from a Lawyer

Making over $500 this past month wasn’t bad and I am certainly not complaining. I feel like my first four figure month is just around the corner.

Here are my blogging goals for September:

  • Achieve 1500 monthly page views.
  • Get 50K Pinterest monthly views.
  • Have 1500 Pinterest followers.
  • Have 45 published blog posts.
  • Add at least one related content post to every blog post.
  • Grow my email list to 50 subscribers.
  • Get my Facebook Group up to 100 members.

A part of me feels like I have hit a blogging plateau because I haven’t been meeting my goals but I know it is primarily due to tech and I am optimistic!

A small win was that I passed the $1,000 mark in total revenue this month. I started treated my blog like a business in the middle of May and I hit that landmark roughly about 90 days in.

You can check out the rest of My Blog Income journey thus far here:

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My Second Month Blog Income Report.

My Third Month Blog Income Report

November 2020 Blog Income Report

What changes are you thinking about making for your blog? Let me know in the comments.

from the lawyer next door,
Crystallace Fenn

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  1. Congratulations on reaching your 3rd-month blogging! I like that you are sharing your journey and I will definitely stay tuned for the coming months! I can’ wait to see how your blog grows, you are doing amazing! I love your new website! It is very clean and organized and appealing to the eye! If you don’t mind me asking, is it a WordPress website theme or did you hire someone to create it from scratch? I love it!

    • Thank you so much! I am trying my best to be transparent. My website was created by Brown Sugar Branding. Check out her link in the footer of my homepage.


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