My Zero Month Blog Income Report

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My Zero Month Blog Income Report

Last Updated June 2021 by Crystallace

Hey there and welcome to my first blog income report or rather my

Zero Month Blog Income Report

I talk about my blogging journey and how I got started blogging in this post.

I started a blog all the way back in 2012 while in college, on pennies. My blog was a hobby and not a business so as soon as school, work, or play came around, I abandoned my blog

I am a great lawyer and businesswoman but I did not know the business of blogging.

After investing in this awesome blogging course, and on June 1, 2021, I made a BUNCH of changes to help my blog bring in income.

I wanted to share this new turn in my blogging journey with my audience so I am writing these blog income reports for two reasons 1) so that you don’t make the same blogging mistakes I did and 2) so that you can REALLY see how much money blogs make.

The Changes That I Made

First, I changed my blog site. I initially started my blog on Blogger because it was free. But it was a headache and it looked so low budget. If I wanted to keep people looking around on my site, it had to be pretty. So I made the painful switch to www.wordpress.org.

Most blog accessories such as plugins, themes, and codes are built to work with WordPress. I could never find anything made for Blogger. I did a bit of research before I made the switch and I took the DIY approach and I regret it. Even though WordPress is “easy” to set up, it was time consuming and a headache for a non-tech person (like me).

If you are looking for someone to design your blog for you, Fiverr is a great place to find help for a low price. I ended up going there to find someone to help me clean up the mess.

Second, I changed my hosting. All of my internet research showed that the popular choice was Bluehost but after talking with my tech resource that helped with my website, I chose to go with Site Ground. They were the highest rated when it came to speed, performance, and security.

Third, I joined the right affiliate programs for me. There are a ton of affiliate programs out there and you will drive yourself crazy trying to sign up for every one. Pick a few for products that you are familiar with and that go along with your niche. It will be easier for you to make content that will convert to sales.

Fourth, I created products to sell on my blog. I learned that there are three main ways that blogs make money. Sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and selling products so it was a no-brainer that I needed a product to sell on my blog.

And that’s how my legal boutique was birthed. It is where I sell easy to use, legal business contract templates. My best selling product is my Website Legal Bundle. It has the three legal pages that every blog needs, a privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms of use.

If you haven’t already done so I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to protect your blog legally. You will save yourself a whirl of headaches and problems.

6 Things to be Cautious of When Starting an Online Business....Tips from a Lawyer

Fifth, I signed up for Tailwind and it has been a game changer when it comes to Pinterest. I am getting so much exposure on Pinterest and it has helped my blog a ton.


Since I first wrote this article Pinterest has changed its algorithm a ton. It has been a headache for the entire blogging community.

I was forced to invest in a Pinterest course to help me get some stable ground. I did not invest in this course until January 2021 but I am editing this post to include this nugget because I don’t want you to be stuck going no where on Pinterest. This course helped me a ton, you can check out my review on it here.


I also went to Etsy and bought some Pin templates to make some more attractive Pins. If you are not good at designing Pins, purchasing some low cost templates are a great investment. Ugly pins don’t get clicks.

My Old Ugly Pin

My New Pin That I Created With Pin Templates From Etsy

My Zero Month Blog Income Report

I am convinced that doing these things gave me the push that I needed. I made $9.90 selling products from my website and $114.84 from selling printables on Etsy.

My total zero month blog income report for May 2020 was $124.74

Overall, I think these changes were much needed and overdue.

I was so happy after making these changes that I decided to set some goals for my blog. I encourage all bloggers to continuously set goals for their blog both short term and long term.

Here are my blogging goals for June:

  • Achieve 1000 monthly page views. I made the switch to WordPress around May 19th and I currently have 238 views for that 12-day period. (up to June 1st).
  • Get 50K Pinterest monthly views. I’m currently at 22.3K.
  • Have 30 published blog posts, I currently have 23.
  • Add at least one related content post to every blog post.
  • Grow my email list by 3 subscribers.
My Zero Month Blog Income Report

So those are my goals for this month. Stay tuned to see how I do!

My Zero Month Blog Income Report

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What changes are you thinking about making for your blog? Let me know in the comments.

from the lawyer next door,
Crystallace Fenn

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