A Genuine Pinterest Course Review of Pinterest With Ell

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Pinterest Course Review: Pinterest With Ell

Last updated January 2021 by Crystallace

Hey Girl! When I first started blogging I wasn’t really interested in promoting my blog on social media but I wanted people to read my blog. Looking back, that made no sense. How were people going to read my blog if they couldn’t find my blog?

After being frustrated with low traffic after spending days writing amazing content, I started looking for help on the internet.

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I wasn’t so sure that I needed a Pinterest Course… Yet

One tip that I kept seeing being reiterated was blog traffic from Pinterest. By this time, I had been on Pinterest for years, as a consumer. I had never even thought of being on Pinterest as a content creator and I didn’t know where to start. I was already using Canva Pro to make flyers for law school events and I would see ‘Pin templates’ available for use.

So, I started to play around with the templates, download the Pins I made and them upload them into Pinterest. Easy right? My Pins got a few views but even fewer clicks. I admitted to myself that my Pins were ugly so I invested in this Pin template set. I got more views but I was still frustrated because I still wasn’t getting the traffic that other bloggers were raving about.

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A Genuine Pinterest Course Review of Pinterest With Ell

There was something that I wasn’t doing right. Now because our phones spy on us, the internet knew I was obsessed with learning more about Pinterest. I constantly saw ads for Pinterest course after Pinterest course. There was one course that I had been seeing advertised for months and that’s Pinterest Traffic Avalanche by Create and Go.

This course seemed amazing. It had great reviews and other bloggers were raving about it. There were just two things that gave me pause: 1. the price (it costs $197) and 2. the course had been around for a couple of years (at least since 2017).

I wanted a Pinterest course but I didn’t have $200 for it and with all of the constant social media algorithm changes, I wanted a fresher course.

I finally came across Pinterest With Ell it was newer and affordable (just $39) !!!

Here’s What You Will Cover in the Pinterest With Ell Pinterest Course

Pinterest Course Review: Pinterest With Ell

Price: This is where Ell Duclos beats out the competition. This Pinterest Course is extremely affordable coming in at only $39 !

Delivery: This course is all reading. There is no video or audio. So if that isn’t your learning style, you may want to pass.

What this Pinterest course covers: Understanding Pinterest SEO, Creating Successful Pins, Pinterest Analytics, Pin Scheduling, and Pin Strategies.

What it does NOT cover: Pinterest Ads, Pinterest Marketing, Pinterest for Virtual Assistants or Social Media Managers.

Who it is recommended for: This course is definitely for the blogger who needs to grasp the foundations of Pinterest. If you want to be successful on Pinterest, then you need to understand how it works. It is more comprehensive than Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Pinterest is a visual search engine not just a social app. There is a method to the madness.

The good thing about this course is that it covers everything the beginner Pinterest Content Creator needs. Unless you plan on investing in a paid Pinterest marketing strategy or offering Pinterest business services, this course is complete.

Course Level: Beginner, Basic

The Pinterest With Ell Pinterest Course showed me what I wasn’t doing right

I had not fully optimized my Pinterest profile or my Pins and that’s why they were not getting seen. Pinterest is a visual search engine and you have to know how to use it correctly to see results. Pinterest With Ell walk you through the steps of setting up and using Pinterest correctly to get your Pins in front of your target audience.

I wish I could show you stats directly from Pinterest but Pinterest has changed their metrics several times over the course of the last year. There is nothing before vs. present that I could show that would show a true, consistent measure. I am all about full disclosure. But, I know that the changes that I’ve made have been working because my monthly Pinterest referring blog traffic has increased to my site.

A Genuine Pinterest Course Review of Pinterest With Ell

So as you can see my referral traffic from Pinterest had sort of plateaued. I purchased the course in January and every month since then I have had more referral traffic from Pinterest. We are still at the beginning of June but I expect an increase this month as well.

If you’re ready for another source of traffic to your blog, I highly recommend clicking the link below and making this investment in your blog. Don’t wait! Gaining traction on social media takes time and you will need to have patience with Pinterest. But, if you start now you will already have some skin in the game. If you’re not ready to bite the bullet just yet check out my blog post: 7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic With Pinterest to help you get started with utilizing Pinterest for your blog.

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Overall I was really pleased with this course but I am still curious to see what Pinterest Traffic Avalanche has to offer. All of the big bloggers swear by it. If I decide to purchase it, I will definitely keep you guys updated.

Are you considering this course? Let me know in the comments!

from the lawyer next door,
Crystallace Fenn

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  1. Definitely been looking into this course. Great review!

    • Thank you and I say go for it. You honestly get a good amount of meat for the price.


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