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So if you’ve spent any amount of time in the blogging community, then you’ve probably seen someone advertising Pinterest virtual assistant services or advertising to be a Pinterest VA.

Having a Pinterest Virtual Assistant can be a lifesaver but let me tell you from experience, I have had some nightmares. So I wanted to write this blog post to share with you, what you need to know before hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant so that hopefully you can avoid the headaches.

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Before you hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant read this entire post

If you’re reading this post, I am going to assume that you have witnessed the power of Pinterest in terms of what it can do for your blog traffic. Pinterest can literally make your blog blow up. Once I did my blog makeover and started Pinning more and my traffic really picked up. That is what made me realize that having a Pinterest Virtual Assistant would be a good investment for my blog.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

What does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant do?

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant can be a right-hand person, who can take on smaller tasks, that can keep you from the larger tasks associated with running a blog. Here are a the most commons services Pinterest VAs offer:

Make eye catching Pins. One thing I must admit is that I am not good at making Pins. Yes I have Canva and I have Pin templates but, designing is just not my strong suit. Making Pins takes a lot of time from my day. You could have someone make clicl worthy Pins for you so that all you have to do is Pin them.

Pin for you. You could also have someone Pin for you on a daily basis so that your Pinterest profile is always active. Like the rest of the social media platforms, Pinterest rewards its most active users. Your Pinterest Virtual Assistant could Pin pins that you’ve designed or they could design and Pin for your blog.

Maximize Tailwind. If you’re using Tailwind to schedule Pins for your blog, which I recommend you do. You could use a Pinterest VA to really maximize the power of Tailwind by updating your Smart Loops and actively participating in communities.

Optimize Your Profile. If your Pinterest profile is not optimized you could hire an expert to do that for you. Most Pinterest VAs will do this for a flat fee.

Research. A Pinterest VA can help you research trends, Pins, and keywords to let you know what you should be Pinning and how to make your content best fit Pinterest.

I use a Pinterest VA for most of these things and it takes a load off of me.

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Make sure you understand how Pinterest works first.

Before you hire someone, make sure you understand how Pinterest works so that you can properly oversee what your Pinterest Virtual Assistant is doing.

Unfortunately there is no official Pinterest certification course by Pinterest out there. So people will tell you they know how to use Pinterest and advertise that they do but they really have no idea. Pinterest is much more than uploading Pins.

Take the time to educate yourself on your niche, performance, trends, and Pinterest SEO. I found this affordable Pinterest course that explains the basics of Pinterest.

Pinterest Strategy Is Not One Size Fits All

Don’t leave it up to a Pinterest VA to tell you what your Pinterest strategy should be. Already have a plan for what you want your Pinterest Profile to look like, how you want your pins to look, how and when you want to Pin, and what your Pinterest goals are.

Horror Story. I hired a Pinterest VA and she took it upon her self to “clean up” my boards and started deleting Pinterest boards. That is a huge no-no! I explain more in this blog post. I was so upset because 1. That’s not what I hired her or instructed her to do and 2. She should’ve known better.

I have since repaired the damage but it was a horrible experience. She made amazing Pins though she just didn’t much about Pinterest.

Lesson learned: In addition to telling a Pinterest VA what to do, you need to also be clear about what not to do.

Another Horror Story. I had a Pinterest VA who made great looking Pins but only wanted to Pin the blog posts she felt comfortable making Pins for and she wasn’t writing SEO appropriate Pin descriptions.

This frustrated me because I was clear about what I needed her to do.

Lesson learned: Assign certain blog posts and ask for the Pins to be sent to you for final approval before posting to ensure your VA is doing what you asked.

If you want to stay up to date on the best Pinterest strategies and new I highly recommend checking out and subscribing to Nadalie Bardo’s YouTube Channel. It is worth a binge watch.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant Red Flags

They don’t have a portfolio that includes your niche. Home Decor Pins look different from Food Pins or Relationship Pins. Just because a Pinterest VA has had success making Food Pins doesn’t mean they make the best Home Decor Pins. Before you hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, ask to see examples of Pins specific to your niche.

They only make one kind of Pin. These days to be successful on Pinterest you should be using a combination of long Pins, regular Pins, infographics, and Idea Pins. If you’re going to be outsourcing all of your Pin creation to one VA, make sure that they can do all types of Pins for you.

They don’t have a contract. How can you expect a Pinterest VA to take your business serious if they don’t take their own business serious? I talk more below about the importance of a contract.

Before you hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant…

Be sure to have a contract in place to protect yourself and your brand. Since most Pinterest VAs are independent contractors, not employees blog, having a Virtual Assistant Agreement will ensure that both parties are protected.

Must-Haves for your Virtual Assistant Agreement

When it comes to using a virtual assistant agreement, you should have a few things included. The rate of pay, termination agreement, or terms of termination, a timeline for services, and payment, as well as a confidentiality clause, should always be included in your virtual assistant agreement.

These must-haves for your virtual assistant agreement will help both parties work together in a trustworthy and reliable manner during the duration of the contract.

Be sure to use a virtual assistant agreement that’s been drafted up by a lawyer.

Where You Can Find a Pinterest Virtual Assistant for Hire

Now that the Pinterest Virtual Assistant industry is booming, you may be wondering where you can find a Pinterest VA for hire. I have found the best look in Facebook Groups for bloggers. There are lots of Pinterest VA groups full of people ready to work. There are also places such as Fiverr and UpWork that host a lot of talent.

You can put a job posting on one of these mediums that you’re searching for a Pinterest VA. Also be sure to include your monthly budget in the post. You can then peruse the resumes and portfolios of all the applicants to determine which Pinterest VA is right for you.

Another way to find a reliable virtual assistant is to ask your friends in the blogging and business world to see who they use for an assistant.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Overall I still use a Pinterest Virtual Assistant because I need one.

I have learned some lessons and I think I have finally found the right fit for me and my Pinterest strategy. I use a Pinterest VA because honestly my blog traffic is better when I have one. Maximizing Pinterest is almost a full time job.

Hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant can be a big deal for anyone who’s used to running things on their own. Many bloggers are reluctant to add someone to their team but a Pinterest VA blog business by taking over the tedious daily social media tasks.

A Pinterest VA can be a lucrative member of your blog business. When you hire the right virtual assistant for your needs, they’ll be able to help grow and expand your blogging business much faster than you could because they’ll be focused on specific goals and tasks. The biggest step for hiring a VA is to be more open to delegating those tedious tasks to another person for the health and growth of your business.

Letting go of the small everyday tasks so that you can focus on other business decisions may be a difficult step, but the right Pinterest VA will make the process more comfortable for you as you navigate the waters of growing your blog.

Any questions about this post? Thinking about hiring a Pinterest VA? Let me know in the comments!

from the lawyer next door,
Crystallace Fenn

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