12 Powerful Morning Affirmations To Transform Your Work From Home Flow 


12 Powerful Morning Affirmations To Transform Your Work From Home Flow 

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Morning Affirmations To Transform Your Work From Home Flow 

Working from home would be a breeze if work was the only factor. From personal obligations to last-minute changes and internet outages, you’re kept in a constant loop of busyness, making working from home challenging at best.

Taking charge and refocusing to task is your primary goal, but what’s the best way to go about it?

This article will discuss how morning affirmations can overhaul your current work-from-home process and how best to get you back on the productivity track. 


There Are Many Factors To Consider When Working From Home

Depending on your circumstances, you’re juggling a lot. Whether that is between work and children, family caretaking, higher education, or all three- you’re always on the go.

At some point, this takes a toll on your mental and physical health. The constant race of catering to other’s needs while attempting to improve your circumstances gets overwhelming, and doubly so if you’re also trying to earn a living. 

This is why, in some capacity, work is favored. Work provides a buffer of protection.

For example, if you work in a corporate setting or inside a food establishment, personal obligations have a harder time seeping in. The requests to provide transportation to an appointment or immediately mitigate a dispute are blocked by work obligations.


Here are a few scenarios where work might buffer personal obligations:

  • A Cellphone policy may be strictly enforced
  • Technical delays may force longer work hours
  • The job site may be too far away from home base
  • Your working station cannot be left unattended for any reason
  • You are a specialist and cannot have your shifts easily covered

The list goes on, but it’s clear that physical attendance to a job keeps personal life at bay. 

But what happens when you’re forced to perform your job offsite? Your employer has announced an at-home working arrangement and places all your tools in your hands. The doors slam shut. Now, what happens to that buffer? What is there to put in place to shield against the siphoning of your most valuable resource- energy?


Why Short Morning Affirmations Are Powerful?

Words are powerful. With four of them, they can encourage someone’s day, and with five of them, they can regrettably collapse a longstanding partnership. Words are more than what we say. Coupled with emotions and physical action, words can change lives.

Combining all three is the basis of affirmation work, as affirmations are the practice of self-empowerment. And self-empowerment is what we aim for when attempting to establish some productive work-from-home environment.

As stated early, onsite work provides a buffer. So, when you’re left to figure out how to create one that family and friends (and pets!) will abide by, you end up feeling defeated by exhaustion. One of the main reasons being, because personal space provides comfort. And too much comfort can lead to inactivity. 

That’s where affirmations come into play. Affirmations, by nature, are intended to raise positive vibrations through statements of intention. Affirmations are said to be most effective if repeated consistently and for added effect, try writing them down.

‘But how?’ you may be wondering, and that’s a great question! Your reality produces what you focus on the most. An excellent example of this is the new car analogy. If a person thinks about purchasing a new car, it’s guaranteed that they will see that exact make and model wherever they go. Why? Because they have set focus on that car- it is a desire- and the mind then focuses on bringing it to them. 

Same with creating the work-from-home environment of your dreams. Coming up with powerful affirmations focused on what you want most will improve the overall productivity of the space. Should more focus be on what’s going wrong and what’s not happening, you will draw more of that to you. Let’s look at 

Motivational Work-From-Home Morning Affirmations for Success

For many individuals, work funds their lifestyles. But with so many sticks in the fire, you can get easily overwhelmed- lacking the motivation to do anything uplifting and inspiring. Which begins a fatigue loop that is hard to get away from. Here are a few motivational work-from-home affirmations to give you the boost you need:

  1. I’ve always done my best work under pressure.
  2. I’m confident that this day will produce my best work yet.
  3. I’m an example of excellence for my team.
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Work-From-Home Morning Affirmations For Mental Clarity

If you’re in a house full of people, pets, or stuff, getting mental clarity is hard. The constant interactions and possibly bumping or tripping over items takes a toll. Clear thoughts come from a clear space. However, if tidying up hasn’t been much help, and your housemates are not responsive, then here are a few work-from-home affirmations you can use to gain mental clarity.

  1. I clear my mind of all things not (state project you’re working on).
  2. Today I ask for clarity and guidance to better understand (state project you’re working on).
  3. My surroundings are clear and so are my thoughts.
12 Powerful Morning Affirmations To Transform Your Work From Home Flow 

Work-From-Home Morning Affirmations For Managing Time Wisely

Managing time is a significant area of concern for many people in general. However, work from home time management is a different monster. No longer having micro-managers looming nearby or gossipy coworkers reporting on your whereabouts, you have the freedom of movement. Unlimited choices. But it comes at a cost. To help you out, here are a few work-from-home affirmations for managing time wisely that you can implement today.

  1. My boss always praises me for turning in projects ahead of schedule.
  2. I value all of my time today.
  3. Today, there’s nothing more important than (state project you’re working on).

12 Powerful Morning Affirmations To Transform Your Work From Home Flow 

Work-From-Home Morning Affirmations for Having Effective Communication With Work Colleagues

Effective communication between colleagues already has its obstacles in a face-to-face setting. Now throwing electronic conversations into the mix, you have a recipe for fumbles and mishaps. However frustrating this can be, we have a few work-from-home affirmations for having effective communication with work colleagues that you can utilize: 

  1. My teammates come to me because they know I provide the best solutions.
  2. I’m grateful to understand things from different perspectives.
  3. I quickly rise above any challenge or obstacle.

For more morning affirmations for confidence and inspiration, check out this blog post and watch this YouTube video.

What’s your favorite work from home affirmation? Let me know in the comments.

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