The Ultimate Bar Prep Study Plan


Here is The Ultimate Bar Prep Study Plan. When I was studying for the bar I chose to jump ship from the traditional bar prep course because it wasn’t working for me. I created this plan to help me make sure that I still covered all of the material on the bar. This plan worked better for my personal learning style because it is color coded and repetitive. I still used the substantive material supplied by the bar prep company, I just followed this study plan. I shared this method with my colleagues and talked about it on my YouTube Channel. After much demand I finally was able to memorialize it and here it is! This plan does not include the substantive course material and is designed for 7 MBE subjects, MPTs, and 7 essay subjects. Some states may test on more or less but this is solid foundation. In its totality this plan includes 4422 MBE questions, 54 Essays, and 6 MPTs. This may sound like overkill but I never studied for anything in my life as hard as I studied for the bar exam. Again, THIS IS NOT A BAR PREP STUDY COURSE but rather a study plan. Due to the downloadable nature of the material I cannot extend any refunds but please reach out if you should have any questions about the product. Happy Studying!

Please note that due to the downloadable nature of this template, we do not offer refunds.

Please contact us should you have any technical difficulties in downloading the template.



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