My Productive Morning Routine: 7 Things I do Before 7am

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My Productive Morning Routine: 7 Things I do Before 7am

Last Updated March 2022 by Crystallace

The way we spend our mornings have a huge impact on how the rest of our day will go. I have personally experienced that what I do in the immediate hours after I wake up, determine how productive my day will be. That is why I have tweaked what I do in the morning into this super productive morning routine.

Even if you’re not a big morning person, little actions like the ones I mention below in my productive morning routine can have huge impact on how your day goes.

So instead of spending half an hour scrolling through social media before you even get out of bed, try incorporating some productive tasks to jumpstart your day and take better advantage of that small window of time you have before your actual day starts.

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My Productive Morning Routine For Success

Mindset Reset: Resist the Urge

I know it can be tempting to check your work e-mails as soon as you wake up so that you can be on top of the day ahead. And while I do recommend doing that early in the day as possible, make sure you do it only after you’ve actually started working.

Checking your emails before you’re even out of the bed will kick your brain to get into “working mode” making you feel as though you need to respond to them right away instead of actually getting to enjoy that little free time you have in the morning.

Then there is social media. While it is not work it is equally as dangerous because it kick your brain into a more leisurely and sometimes addictive mode that will leave you scrolling endlessly instead of spending this most important time on you.

It may take time to do this mindset rest but try to avoid your phone, first thing in the morning. I am telling you, doing that has been a game changer for me.

7 Things I Do Before 7am:

1. Wake up at 4:00am

This is something that I had to train my body to do but I am so glad that I did. Waking up early allows me to get such an early start on my day and is key to a productive morning routine. I am not going to lie, it is hard, especially during the winter months but when that alarm goes off. Jump out of bed and get to it.

2. Make My Bed

This is the very first task I complete. I get out of bed then make my bed so I am less tempted to get back in it. I know this may seem like no big deal but making your bed every morning is a small, impactful way to set your brain up for maximum productivity for the rest of the day.

This tiny task can be your first accomplishment of the day and this simple act has been proven to be one of the top productivity hacks out there.

Completing this task as soon as you get out of bed jumpstarts your brain and gets you excited to complete the next set of tasks. Plus, there’s nothing like gettin in cozy made-up bed waiting at the end of a super productive day.

3. Exercise

4:30am -5:15am

This is probably the most dreaded part of my day which is why I have to do it first or else it won’t get done. But in actuality my morning jump rope session has an amazing effect on how I feel for the rest of the day. It’s another sense of accomplishment and it gives me so much energy.

Depending on how much time you have to spare before you head into your day-to-day activities, I would suggest you incorporate some kind of exercise into your productive morning routine.

Maybe this looks like a short walk around the block or a little yoga, just do something and you will see a change in how productive you are throughout the day.

4. Listen to a Book or Podcast while I get ready


After my workout, I start to get ready for my day. This time includes shower, hair, makeup, and getting dressed. But during this time block, I kill two birds with one stone by getting some daily reading/listening in.

Listening to an audiobook is my happy place because I love to read for leisure. Don’t let HustleInstagram make you feel like you have to be reading about money, growing careers, or success. It is totally fine to get caught up in a 18th century romance novel.

When I do want to be more in tune with reality, I veer towards podcasts.

Another point I want to make is that because I listen to music when I work out this is my way of getting my brain into learning/listening mode.

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My Productive Morning Routine

5. Make My Breakfast

Around 6:00am

By this time I am starving.

I consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, so I rarely skip it. What I have to eat varies but I spend very little time preparing this meal. The ideas is for it to be quick but filling so that I can take on the day. At least until 11am.

Sitting quietly on in my kitchen or sometimes outside, while enjoying my breakfast is one of my favorite things to do.

Btw I am probably still listening to my listening to my audiobook or podcast while I eat.

7. Review my to do list for the day


Part of my nighttime routine is making a daily to do list for the next day. It helps me stay on top of my goals and deadlines. I write this list down using pen and paper the night before. Writing things down means being intentional and there is something satisfying about crossing tasks of a list. It really lets you know you are getting things done.

I use this time to review my list so I know what my day needs to look like.

7. Eat the Frog

Before 7am I start to eat the frog

The frog represents the one thing I have on my to do list for that day that I have absolutely no motivation to do and that you’re most likely to procrastinate on. I learned this concept from reading a book Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy.

What this is varies from day to day.

After I eat the frog. I reward myself with social media.

Now that you have my productive morning routine

Copy it and tweek it to your liking.

But also, make sure your list is realistic to avoid overwhelming yourself. I don’t have children or a traditional job so my routine may not be best for you.

Most importantly, don’t forget to make time yourself throughout your day. Productivity has its limits.

I hope this list of 7 things I do before 7am inspire you to use your mornings more consciously.

What changes are you looking to make in your productive morning routine? Let me know in the comments.

from the lawyer next door,
Crystallace Fenn

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