8 Free Self Care Sunday Ideas You Can Start Practicing Now

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8 Free Self Care Sunday Ideas You Can Start Practicing Now

Last Updated March 2023 by Crystallace

Hey Girl!

Let me start by saying, I love Sundays. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved what Sundays brings. Sometimes Sundays bring a dinner spent with loved ones. But, most times Sundays is the day I spend preparing for the week ahead, resetting my mental, and practicing self care Sunday.

Sundays used to be the day for resting but for some of us, it is the day that we start feeling dark about the work week ahead.

With everyone working and sometimes running a hustle on the side to make ends meet; self care can fall to the wayside. But it’s important to remember that having a self care routine can actually increase productivity by reducing stress, increasing focus, and tackling anxiety.

Try incorporating one of these 8 Self Care Sunday ideas into your Sundays and take control of the week ahead. Instead of dreading the days to come, you will be setting yourself up for success!

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8 Self Care Sunday Ideas to Help You Take Control of the Work Week

1. Reflect on the Week You Just Had

Sundays are both the ending and the beginning of the week, which makes for the the perfect time for reflection. You can use this Self Care Sunday as some serious self-reflection on the week you are leaving behind.

You can evaluate your week by asking yourself:

What were the highlights of the week?

What did I not enjoy doing?

Could I have been more productive? Productivity is always something we can work on. I wrote a series of productivity blog posts because people always ask me how I manage to work as a full time lawyer, run a money making blog, and still have a social life.

Questions like these both help you reflect on changes you may want to make to your routine and also give you opportunities to come up with ways to improve yourself the following week.

2. Get organized for the Week Ahead

I have a rule in my house that no matter what if it is a laundry weekend, every piece of laundry will be folded by Noon on Sunday. ( I do laundry bi-weekly).

For me, the best way to start the week is by starting in a decluttered space. I also like to get my outfits together so whether that’s steaming or ironing, I love prepping on Sundays.

If you want to start a new healthy habit of meal prepping, that is something else that you can do on Sundays.

However you choose to prepare for the week ahead, it doesn’t hurt to spend an hour or so on Sundays to help you get organized for the week ahead.

3. Do things that you love

Let’s make Guilt Free Sundays a thing. For most people, Sundays are an off day. So why spend them doing everything but what you love to do. For me, that looks like hiking or if the weather doesn’t permit, listening to an audiobook.

If you don’t have a hobby take Sundays to try something new! Sign up for a painting class or a cooking class.

Doing what you love or trying something new is a way to make sure you aren’t just working to pay bills and die. Life was meant to be spent enjoying, learning, and creating. Forget about adulting for few hours and just enjoy life.

8 Free Self Care Sunday Ideas You Can Start Practicing Now

4. Yoga and Meditation

If you have ever tried yoga you know that it can be extremely peaceful and relaxing, especially when you’re able to meditate through it.

Meditating through your yoga will help you relax, manage stress, and reduce negative emotions.

Try putting on a YouTube yoga video or a yoga playlist on Spotify and do a session of deep meditation while you pose.

5. Write down your goals for the following week

You can spend a little time this Self Care Sunday writing or tweaking a list of goals for yourself. This may include goals for the upcoming week, month, or the rest of the year.

Be sure to include different kinds of goals such as career-related goals, personal goals, and anything related to keeping your home, space and mental feeling good.

Be sure not to overwhelm yourself when it comes to goal setting and always remember to prioritize your self care. One goal may very well be, incorporating more self care like spending more time doing a hobby you love or with your loved ones.

8 Free Self Care Sunday Ideas You Can Start Practicing Now

6. Burn a candle

Did somebody say candles? Scents and aromas can have a huge impact on how we feel. Which is why I practice aromatherapy every day in my home.

Now some people prefer oil diffusers but for me, it is something about a flame burning that sets the mood. Plus, I love spending time in Home Goods scouring for new candles to burn. I love to keep a range of candles stocked up because different scents serve different purposes.

For example, for relaxation I prefer Lavendar and Euculyptus but when I am feeling like a need an energy boost, I reach for Rosemary and Citrus Scents. When, I want to spend the day cleaning, reach for fresher scents like Pine or Cedarwood.

Burning a candle can definitely have an effect on your mood.

7. Manifest the Week Ahead

I find Sundays to be the perfect day to manifest how I would like the week ahead to go. I like to write in my planner and journal, just before bed, and concentrate on what I would like the 7 days ahead to look like.

I like to make this the last thing I do on Sundays because after I have had my proper rest and recharge, I feel like I am thinking clearly and strategically.

I wrote a blog post on How to Manifest Something by Writing It Down, you should check it out.

8. Have a Social Media Free Sunday

Remember Sucker Free Sunday on MTV? Let’s do that but with Social Media because too much Social Media is not good for us. Me included. That’s one of the reasons I am a blogger and not an influencer, I do not want to be tied to Social Media.

Every week, I go one full day without Social media and I cannot recommend doing this enough. Try it! You will be surprised at how good you feel.

No cheating!

You can uninstall the apps on Saturday nights before your Social Media detox and reinstall them Monday morning.

BTW, are you following me on socials? Let’s keep in touch! I’m on Pinterest, IG, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok

Now that you have these free Self Care Sunday ideas

How do you feel about Sundays? Are they scary or do you see them as an opportunity to focus on yourself?

However you feel about Sundays, I hope this list of 7 Self Care Sunday ideas inspire you to create a Self Care Sunday Routine and use your time on Sundays in a way that rewards you for the week you are ending and sets you on the right foot to conquer the week ahead!

Which Self Care Sunday are you going to incorporate this week? Let me know in the comments!

from the lawyer next door,
Crystallace Fenn

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