Easy, Healthy, & Green St Patricks Day Snack Board

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Healthy Green St Patricks Day Snack Board

Last Updated March 2023 by Crystallace

Hey Girl!

Are you excited to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year and nibble on this St Patricks Day Snack Board with me?

I love St. Patrick’s Day. I mean duh, can’t you tell that I’m Irish? Lol, I am not, but what I am is Chicagoan and St. Patrick’s Day is part of our city’s culture.

St. Patrick’s Day is huge in Chicago because there is a rather large Irish population there.

In fact, Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is one of the largest in the country. They dye the river green and everything. Just thinking about it is making me homesick 🥺.

But anyways, while I can’t go out and enjoy those festivities in my home town because I now live in Atlanta. I like to celebrate this time of year in my home, my way. This year that looks like a little St. Paddy’s Day decor and enjoying this delicious St Patricks Day Snack Board. Oh and of course a Shamrock Shake. How could I forget that part?!

Because this board can double as a healthy green snack board for when you’re hosting for other things, you will definitely want to save this blog post.

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What I used to make this St Patricks Day Snack Board

While it was extremely tempting to create a sweet board like I did for Galentines Day. I thought why not use the green theme of St. Patrick’s Day to opt for something healthier. I am constantly on the journey of living my best life and having my best body. But that’s another blog post for another day.

As far as ingredients go, I decided to keep it simple. I stuck to fruit, veggies, and salty snacks.

What I loved most about making this board is that nothing went to waste. I use all of this produce in my daily meal prep routines so technically the only extra cost here was the Shamrock baking cups that I used for dipping cups. They were $3.99.

Healthy Green Snack Board Ingredients:


  • Green Apples
  • Kiwi
  • Grapes


  • Baby Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Broccoli
  • Bell Pepper

Salty Snacks

  • Pistachios
  • Pepitas


  • Hummus

Easy, Healthy, & Green St Patricks Day Snack Board

Tips, Additions, and Substitutions to Help You Make to this Easy St Patricks Day Snack Board

  • This St Patricks Day Snack Board can be made hours before your event. However, if you do decide to make it ahead of time, you will want to be mindful of using Green Apples and Avocado because they can quickly turn brown.

  • You can switch out the Hummus for your favorite dipping sauce. You can try Ranch or Avocado Dip or even a little Cream Cheese with some green food coloring in it.

  • When buying veggies, opt for the ones that are prepped for snacking. They usually come washed and cut and are less bitter to taste.

  • You could add some Green Olives, Edamame, Snap Peas, or Avocado!

How to make this St Patricks Day Snack Board:

  • First, I grabbed my favorite board. I have quite a few of them but I find this one to be the best size when I am hosting less than six people. You can grab one just like it here.

  • Next, I do a thin layer of Baby Spinach on the board. Mainly to act as a plate for my little dipping cups but you can cover the entire board with Baby Spinach if you like.

  • I then use three of these cute Shamrock dipping cups as “anchors.” One with Pepitas, Hummus, and Pistachios.

  • I then arrange the fruits and veggies to my liking. This is the fun part. So there is no rules, rhyme, or reason. Do what feels right and looks good to you.

Easy, Healthy, & Green St Patricks Day Snack Board

I hope you are inspired to create your own healthy green boards. If not for the holiday then for another event. Tag me in your creations @heycrystallace so that I can see them!

BTW, are you following me on socials? Let’s keep in touch! I’m on Pinterest, IG, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok

If you like this board recipe and you would like to see more, let me know in the comments!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and toast to health eating this Spring!

from the lawyer next door,
Crystallace Fenn

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