The One Thing Every Virtual Assistant Should Have


Hiring a virtual assistant can be the difference between success and failure. Having someone as your right-hand person to assist in everyday mundane business tasks is a fabulous way to grow your business and increase revenue.

I’ve shared a bit about why hiring a virtual assistant is beneficial and how to hire a virtual assistant, but what about the number one thing every virtual assistant should have? Today I’m going to tell you why every virtual assistant should have this virtual assistant agreement on hand to edit for new clients.

Not only does having a legally binding contract between yourself and a new client protect from lawsuits or non-paying clients, but it will show that you’re a professional who takes their job seriously.

The Top 3 Reasons You Need a Virtual Assistant Agreement

A Virtual Assistant Agreement Protects Your Brand

This virtual assistant agreement will ensure that you have protection for your business, brand, or blog. My virtual assistant agreement has been drafted by a real lawyer who considered all possibilities when it comes to working with a virtual assistant. Having an agreement will ensure that your assistant won’t disclose trade secrets, knows where they stand with your business, and helps reduce the risks that something will be leaked out to competitors in the industry.

A Virtual Assistant Agreement Helps Keeps Things Consistent

With a virtual assistant agreement both the blog, brand, or business owner and assistant will know what’s expected from the onset. This agreement will help lay out the key details of your contract in a way that ensures all deadlines are met, payments are made, and expectations are set. Much like raising kids, running a business with a virtual assistant means you’ll need to have a set of expectations and consequences so that both parties work together to build the business, brand, or blog.

A Virtual Assistant Agreement Helps Your Business Look Professional

When a virtual assistant has a contract ready for new clients to review and sign, it helps the assistant look more professional. This virtual assistant agreement will be an added layer to show that you’re ready to work and commit to this client’s business. While a blog, brand, or business may have their own confidentiality agreement or contract for you to sign, this virtual assistant agreement will cover the assistant’s side of the work expected.

Having a virtual assistant agreement doesn’t mean that a client or assistant won’t renege on your contract, but it helps encourage each person to provide reasonable notice should the contract need termination. Not only will this virtual assistant agreement make you look professional, but it will also help your client place more confidence in the work you’ll be providing because you’ll have the contract details laid out in terms that protect both parties during this remote business transaction.


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