The Ultimate Guide for Hiring a Virtual Assistant


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If you’ve spent a lot of time within the blogging community then you’ve probably heard about virtual assistants. It’s said that the position of “virtual assistant” started sometime between 1990 and 1996 with the creation of the first IBM Simone smartphone. Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_assistant

Fast forward to the year 2021 and just about everyone who runs a business, blog, or brand has heard of a virtual assistant. This industry is growing substantially. We’ve been facing challenges with working outside of the home and many parents have had to find new jobs as their children are attending remote schooling at home. 

As our world changes and technology advances, you may be wondering how you can hire a virtual assistant for your blog, brand, or business. That’s where I come in! I want to share this ultimate guide to help you hire the best virtual assistant possible for your needs. The information I share today will surely help you succeed in building your brand, blog, or business with a virtual assistant by your side.

The Ultimate Guide for Hiring a Virtual Assistant

What is a Virtual Assistant and How to Hire One

Hiring a virtual assistant is a big deal for anyone who’s used to running things on their own. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are reluctant to add someone to their team. A virtual assistant can help grow your brand, blog, or business by taking over tedious daily tasks like social media management, scheduling meetings, and replying to emails.

Letting go of your everyday tasks so that you can focus on other business decisions may be a difficult step, but the right virtual assistant will make the process more comfortable for you as you navigate the waters of learning more about a virtual assistant and how to hire one.

Where You Can Find a Virtual Assistant for Hire

Now that the virtual assistant industry is booming, you may be wondering where to find a virtual assistant for hire. There are many places to find a virtual assistant for hire such as Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, and FlexJobs.

Consider putting a job posting out into one of these sites that you’re searching for a virtual assistant so that you can peruse the resumes and portfolios of all applicants to determine which virtual assistant is right for you. Another way to find a reliable virtual assistant is to ask your friends in the blogging and business world to see who they use for an assistant.

Ways a Virtual Assistant can make you More Productive

A virtual assistant provides you with a right-hand person who can take on smaller tasks that keep you from the larger business decisions. Things like social media management, engagement on social media, customer service, and email responses take a lot of precious time away from you.

Hiring a virtual assistant will help you be more productive in that you won’t be worried about the little, yet important, tasks of running a blog, brand, or business, because your assistant will have those tasks handled.

The One Thing Every Virtual Assistant Should Have

When working for a client for the first time, a virtual assistant may not realize that they need a contract to protect themselves in this remote position. Since most virtual assistants are independent contractors, not employees of the brand, blog, or business, having a virtual assistant agreement will ensure that both parties are protected.

Every virtual assistant should have a virtual assistant agreement that’s been drafted up by a lawyer. This will help protect both the assistant and business owner during the time you’re working as a remote independent contractor for their company.

Must-Haves for your Virtual Assistant Agreement

When it comes to using a virtual assistant agreement, you should have a few things included. Your rate of pay, termination agreement, or terms of termination, a timeline for services, and payment, as well as a confidentiality clause, should always be included in your virtual assistant agreement.

These must-haves for your virtual assistant agreement will help both parties work together in a trustworthy and reliable manner during the duration of the contract. Every virtual assistant should have some sort of legally binding contract when they’re hired by a new client.

A virtual assistant can be a lucrative member of your blog, brand, or business. When you hire the right virtual assistant for your needs, they’ll be able to help grow and expand your blog, brand, or business much faster than you could because they’ll be focused on specific goals and tasks. The biggest step for hiring a virtual assistant is to be more open to delegating those tedious tasks to another person for the health and growth of your business.


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