15 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Kids

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15 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Kids

15 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Last Updated February 2022 by Crystallace

Hey Girl! Valentines Day is coming up and I know you probably have your own personal list of things to do so that you’re ready for some romance.

Or, maybe you have a fun Galentines Day planned with the girls.

Either way don’t forget about the kids this holiday.

Kids love Valentine’s Day and it can be a fun family holiday full of activities and things to keep them busy. Like making Valentine’s card for their friends and classmates.

They may even be secretly planning gifts for you so don’t forget about them here are….

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This year, start a heart warming family tradition in your home by surprising your children with Valentine’s Day gifts and make memories you won’t forget.

This list has a variety Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Kids

and if you want to make the gift extra special, have it personalized by adding their name to it, kids love that.

1. Push-pop heart-shaped sensory toy

These silicone push-pop heart-shaped sensory toys are perfect for children who enjoy having fidget toys to help them focus. But honestly, I haven’t met a child yet who doesn’t enjoy playing with them.

They are also great for children who are learning how to count. Check them out here!

2. Valentine’s Day Squishy Toys

This Valentine’s Day squishy toy pack contains a variety of bright squishy toys that you can give as a gift on their own, create a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt with, or throw in a gift bag!

3. Valentine’s Day Stickers

Here are over 100 Valentine’s Day stickers for your kids to go crazy with!

4. a Valentine’s Day Storybook

I love this one, about Pete the Cat

5. Valentine’s Day Pajamas

A plot twist to Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Kids can be a sleepover or pajama party. The girls can grab these pajamas, dress alike, and sing their hearts out to some karaoke music.

6. Personalized hearts four-across game

Connect Four with a Valentine’s Day twist! Let your kids challenge you to a game of Connect Four but with a personalized wood activity set.

More Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Kids from Amazon

7. Handheld love meter

You can hold this love-meter in your hand and let it show you how much you like your crush.

8. Long Distance Friendship Lamp

These lights are so sweet. Your child can keep one and their friend or loved one can keep the other. When you touch one of the lamps the other lights up so that the other person knows their thinking of them.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Kids from Etsy

9. Personalized Valentines Day Letterbox

This tin letterbox is so cute! You can fill it all kinds of Valentine’s day goodies and treats.

10. Valentine’s Day Personalized Gift Box

If you don’t want to think too hard about what to get, you can get this personalized gift box. It can be customized to gender, age, and interests.

11. Personalized Valentine’s Day Candy Dispenser

Because what child wouldn’t love their own personal candy dispenser?!

12. Personalized Tic-Tac-Toe for Kids

This personalized game board will be a keepsake for your child. They can take it with them and invite challenges.

13. Valentine’s Day Cute Cookies

Make adorable Valentine’s Day Cookies with these Valentine’s-shaped cookie cutters.

14. Personalized Valentine’s Day Plush Monkey

These super cute plush monkeys can be personalized to have your child’s name embroidered on their tummy and the year on their foot for a Valentine’s Day keepsake.

15. Custom Puzzle

You can have your child’s photo turned into a custom jigsaw puzzle.

I know, I know Christmas just ended and you don’t have to buy your kids things to prove your love to them but they are only kids once!

You can also make Valentine’s Day special by creating a special Valentine’s Day brunch.

Valentine’s Day Mocktails

15 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day treat board like this one I made.

15 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Just know that you can make Valentine’s Day a fun family holiday!

Don’t forge to save this Pin for later!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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