What is Virtual Assistant and How to Hire One


Virtual assistants are individuals that can help businesses to become more productive and spend less time on smaller or tedious tasks. They can be considered a great investment for entrepreneurs or businesses trying to become more successful. In order for you to know the most about this field and what an assistant could do for you or your business, I’m here to break down the basics. Here’s all about what a virtual assistant is and some tips for how to hire one.

What Is a Virtual Assistant and How to Hire One

What They Are.
Virtual assistants are individuals that help a business with tasks without being there through online interaction and use, hence the name virtual referring to their means of communication or work (online) and assistant because they do similar jobs to what assistants do. A virtual assistant can help a business with a wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to automating invoices, handing bookkeeping, doing daily tasks, filtering communications and emails, creating automated processes for email replies or other tasks, edit or proofread writing, and much more. These can all help with business being able to be more productive, handle customers better, and allow a business owner to spend less time on menial tasks to focus on improvements or new ideas.

How To Hire One.
Hiring a virtual assistant can be a little scary for those just starting, and there are some important tips and steps to keep in mind when you pursue doing so. Here are some helpful steps for when you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant or preparing to do so:

Think Heavily.
Before beginning this process, make sure you have taken enough time to research and think heavily on this decision. You want to make sure a virtual assistant is the best option for you and can help you enough that it would justify the costs.

Write a List.
Create a detailed list of the tasks that you would like your virtual assistant to do, how often they will be done, and so on. This helps to make the expectations clear for you when you search for one and helps to allow prospective assistants understand your needs from the beginning.

Create a way to test the efficiency and skill of virtual assistants that reply to a job request, there are many examples of these. You also should hide something within your job description such as a keyword that should be stated in their reply to make sure they’ve read your description well.

Have a Virtual Assistant Agreement.

As a lawyer I cant stress this point enough. Don’t hire a virtual assistant without having a Virtual Assistant Agreement. You need to have in writing important things like the tasks you are delegating, the term and nature of the relationship, confidentiality, payment, intellectual property, and other things but those are the most important. I had businesses and entrepreneurs in mind when I drafted the Virtual Assistant Agreement that’s available in my Legal Boutique. I made sure to include these important details so don’t forget to grab one before you make a hire.

Where you can find Virtual Assistants for hire.

Virtual Assistants are essentially freelancers and they hang out on freelancer mediums like Facebook Groups, Fiverr, Freelancer, and UpWork are all good places where you can find virtual assistants ready to work.

Interviews and Trials.
Take some time to communicate with prospective candidates to ensure they have the right abilities and character for your work. You may want to conduct a week or two long trial before fully diving in, and you definitely should interview them before beginning.

Take Time.
Before you fully dive into hiring or even looking for a virtual assistant, you need to be able to make your requirements, pay, needs, business, and more very clear and concise for those that will be potential options. It will make the entire process much easier for everyone involved.

This information can be helpful to give you a head start on the path towards hiring or more heavily considering a virtual assistant or help those that don’t know where to start when trying to hire one. Hopefully, this gave you some insight into this career field. Virtual assistants can be handy to have for a variety of business needs, and if you’re ready to begin the process of finding or hiring the right one this information can help you with that.


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What is Virtual Assistant and How to Hire One

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  1. Very clear and concise directives on hiring a VA. VA’s can help you automate, grow, and assist with you having a wonderful work life balance by taking mundane tasks off your plate. It can be a wonderful relationship to have a VA come in and partner for your success.

    • Thank you and yes I agree. VA’s are great team members.


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