3 Popular Places Where You Can Find a Virtual Assistant for Hire


3 Popular Places Where You Can Find a Virtual Assistant for Hire

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Where You Can Find a Virtual Assistant for Hire

Your business is starting to grow and life is going well. You’re excited to be achieving some of your goals, but you want to have more time to focus on other areas of business growth. This is the time to start thinking about hiring a virtual assistant. Chances are you’re reading this article because you’re interested in having an assistant and want to make sure you’re doing everything possible to hire the best virtual assistant for your needs. 

3 Popular Places Where You Can Find a Virtual Assistant for Hire

A virtual assistant can make your life easier by picking up some of the tedious daily tasks you’d rather not do.

The right virtual assistant can handle all of the small, but important, tasks of business such as content creation, social media management, and email organization. The tasks that your virtual assistant can help with will depend on what skillset the virtual assistant has.

Now that you’ve seen how beneficial hiring a virtual assistant can be for the growth of your business, it’s time to search for the best virtual assistant for your business. I’m going to give you a few ways you can find a virtual assistant for hire.

I briefly covered the basics of what is a virtual assistant and how to hire one the other day. Today I wanted to dig a little deeper into the topic so that you have a wide variety of options to choose from. The key is to find a virtual assistant who becomes your right-hand person who you can trust to get the tasks you assign completed on time, every time!

3 Popular Places Where You Can Find a Virtual Assistant for Hire
Fiverr & Upwork

You can start your search for a virtual assistant on Fiverr and Upwork if you’d like. Each of these sites offers a wide range of professionals who are freelancers that specialize in virtual assistance. If you’re using either of these platforms to find a virtual assistant for hire, just be sure to read the reviews thoroughly.

One of the drawbacks of using Fiverr or Upwork to find a virtual assistant is that you’re relying heavily on another platform for pricing and availability. This removes your ability to have a direct virtual assistant agreement that holds the assistant accountable to the terms of your agreement.

Facebook Groups

One of the best places to find a virtual assistant that’s been hired by others in your business community are Facebook Groups. VA for Hire, Sell your Content and Services and Connect & Learn – Buy and Sell Content Group are just a few of the Facebook Groups I’d recommend you check out for a virtual assistant for bloggers or small business owners.

When you publish an ISO (in search of) post for a virtual assistant in a group, you’ll see that other business owners will tag people they highly recommend. This allows you to hire a virtual assistant based on word of mouth recommendations from others who’ve hired this assistant for similar tasks.

3 Popular Places Where You Can Find a Virtual Assistant for Hire
FlexJobs & LinkedIn

Lastly, another great place to find a virtual assistant who has excellent references and an amazing portfolio is FlexJobs and LinkedIn. Each of these platforms allows you to easily upload a job posting that allows you to take resumes from candidates directly. You’re then able to review each candidate to narrow down your virtual assistant choices.

The upside of using FlexJobs and LinkedIn is that you’re in control of the entire hiring process from start to finish. You’re able to pay a rate that’s comfortable for your business and find a virtual assistant that closely matches your needs to create a reliable team to grow your business.

However you choose to hire your virtual assistant be sure to use a Virtual Assistant Agreement to lay out all the important terms and conditions of your agreement in writing.

In conclusion, hiring a virtual assistant is a difficult decision for many entrepreneurs and small business owners. You’re used to being in control and hiring a virtual assistant means you’ll need to be willing to let go of some of your daily tasks. This is why I wanted to share some ways you can find a virtual assistant for hire so that you’ll find the best possible assistant that meshes well with your business.


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